Sunday 70s Spots: Dodge & Chrysler ‘The Clincher!’ (1975)

"The Clincher!" (Chrysler -Dodge commercial, 1975)

“The Clincher!” (Chrysler -Dodge commercial, 1975)

“The Clincher! It’s going to take better care of the people who buy Dodge and Chrysler-Plymouth cars.”

Alrighty, let’s roll into the commercial oldies! Today, we’re in January of 1975 for two Chrysler-Dodge spots.

First, we have one for “The Clincher” warranty deal featuring some early video (rather than film) production. After that, a Dodge pickup spot that seems to be going out of its way to ignore women. It’s directed at “men who prefer trucks over cars.” Chrysler history on display below.

Chrysler ‘The Clincher!’ Commercial, 1975

Dodge Pickup Truck Commercial, 1975

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