70s Spots: ‘Brady Bunch’ & ‘Partridge Family’ Promos (1971)

ABC fall promo for the greatest show of all-time…

“Remember us? We’re the Brady family.”

To start off the new week, I’ve got a couple of humdingers for you. ABC fall promos for The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family. Both spots aired in November of 1971. Please enjoy, good people. To my, admittedly warped-by-childhood taste, it doesn’t get much better than this.

‘The Brady Bunch’ ABC Promo (1971)

‘The Partridge Family’ ABC Promo (1971)

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2 Responses to 70s Spots: ‘Brady Bunch’ & ‘Partridge Family’ Promos (1971)

  1. Bob Madison says:

    You’re right … it doesn’t get any better. You brought me back to my nine-year-old self.