70s Spots: Mattel Electronics Football & Tyco Model Trains (1979)

I spent untold hours staring at LED lines dancing across this screen.

“Hey, who’s in there?”

Bionic friends! I’ve uncovered a real nugget of nostalgic gold today. A commercial for Mattel Electronics Pocket Football. This was one of my favorite games through 1977 and into 1978. That little white handheld went everywhere with me and I got damn good at beating the computer over and over again (until one day it lost its charm after so much repetition). Catch the spot below. It aired in November of 1979 but was produced in ’78.

After the Mattel spot, another fun toy clip. Tyco’s Clementine old timey gold mining model train set. That one also aired in November of ’79.

Mattel Electronics Pocket Football Commercial (1979)

Tyco ‘Clementine’ Model Train Commercial (1979)

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  1. Mattel Electronic Football as seen in the new guardians of the galaxy vol 2 trailer!