70s Spots: Chocks (Bugs Bunny, 1974) & Rexall Vitamins (1975)

Chock full o’ vitamins

“I like Chocks…and you, Mom.”

Two commercial supplements for you to down today. Firstly, one for Chocks Bugs Bunny vitamins that aired in February of 1974.

Second, a spot for Rexall drug store vitamins. This one aired in January of 1975. In Los Angeles, we had a large Rexall drug store across the street from Beverly Park (the local children’s amusement park) for a few decades there. I’d often visit the Rexall for candy to stuff my little face, or to spend some quality time ogling the toys on display.

Chocks Vitamins Commercial (Bugs Bunny, 1974)

Rexall Vitamins Commercial (1975)

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