70s Spots: John Goodman For Mennen & Jane Curtin For Hoover (1979)

‘Thanks, I needed that!’

“Skin Bracer hits you just right.”

A double-whammy of celebrity goodness for you on this Easter Sunday. First, we find a very young and slim John Goodman for Mennen Skin Bracer. The spot aired in July of 1979.

Second, Jane Curtin (Saturday Night Live) appears in an August 1979 commercial for Hoover portable washer and dryers. Just a gut feeling here, but I’m thinking this commercial may have been produced a few years earlier (possibly ’74 or ’75) before Curtin found fame on SNL.

John Goodman For Mennen After Shave (1979)

Jane Curtin For Hoover Washer (1979)

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