70s Spots: ABC Promos – ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ Vegas,’ ‘Soap’ (1978)

A ‘Soap’ promo featuring actual soap bubbles!

“Late night tonight!”

Two ABC promos today. The first features Soap and Police Story and aired in August of 1978. I’m not sure how these shows ended up together as Soap was an ABC program and Police Story ran on NBC. This was after Police Story‘s original run, so maybe ABC bought some episodes to air late nights.

The second promo features Charlie’s Angels and Vegas (aka Vega$) and ran in November ’78. Keep an eye open for an appearance by Cesar Romero.

‘Soap’/’Police Story’ Promo (1978)

‘Charlie’s Angels’/’Vegas’ Promo (1978)

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2 Responses to 70s Spots: ABC Promos – ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ Vegas,’ ‘Soap’ (1978)

  1. Brian Arnold says:

    Damn Cesar Romero and his white slavers!