‘Appraising the Brady Bunch’s Art Collection’

Art imitating life?

Attention, kitsch lovers and 70s TV fans. Kirk Demarais at the We Are The Mutants blog posted an impressive, in-depth look at the artwork adorning the sets of The Brady Bunch.

You didn’t live here. It just feels like you did – deep down inside.

We Are The Mutants quote:

“The Girls’ Bedroom
The girls are the biggest art consumers of the family, and their artwork moves around the room in a constant orbit. Small pieces that are too numerous and too mysterious to mention appear and disappear. When the room was re-wallpapered in season five, it received a complete art transfusion.

Some of the show’s most memorable graphic art is on display on the wall behind Marcia’s and Jan’s beds. The ‘Butterfly of Love,’ the ‘Electric Cat,’ and the lesser seen cartoon Sun, are all off-the-rack blacklight posters. These images must have been among the most savory in the head shop, metaphors for the Brady’s tame yet hip status. The cat was first to appear. It’s dated 1967, and signed by Joe Roberts Jr., who also translated Alice in Wonderland, Jimi Hendrix, and Timothy Leary into silk-screened poster illustrations. Some of us are still furious that Jan’s Yogi Bear poster from King’s Island never made it onto the wall.”

Head on over and read up. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks, AV News for pointing me at the story.

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