70s Baseball: In Praise Of ‘Ugly’ Uniforms

Nolan Ryan circa mid-70s

Todd Random at The New York Times describes “Why I Love Ugly Uniforms.” The uniforms in question being the bright and stylishly suspect Seventies baseball gear of teams like the Houston Astros, Oakland A’s, and San Diego Padres.

NYT quote:
“The greatest ugly sports uniform of all time arrived in April 1975, when the Houston Astros revealed a new look, described as resembling ‘rainbow guts’ or a ‘tequila sunrise.’

The pullover jerseys featured an alternating series of horizontal stripes, rendered in shades of orange, yellow and red, the word Astros spelled out above in clean, unembellished sans serif letterforms. A Texas-size navy blue star, nine and one-eighth inches high and placed squarely against the left side of the players’ bellies, punctuated the look.”

Take a fashinon-forward run around the bases.

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