Funshine Friday: ‘Go!’ Show (1974) & ‘Big John, Little John’ (1976)

It’s an ‘Emergency’! Gimmie Ringer’s Lactate! Stat! Go! etc…

“Some season! Some show! That’s Go!”

Happy Funshine Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? (Rhetorical question).

Here’s two nifty promos for NBC’s Saturday Morning Seventies programming. The Go! clip aired in September 1974 during The NBC Saturday Morning Preview Revue. I don’t really remember the GO! show but it looks darn good. Featured content included Emergency!, Grand Prix racing, and Coney Island’s Cyclone roller coaster.

The second clip shows off the premiere of Big John, Little John (starring Robbie Rist) and aired during The Great NBC Smilin’ Saturday Mornin’ Parade in September 1976.

‘Go!’ Show (NBC Kids Promo, 1974)

‘Big John, Little John’ (NBC Kids Promo, 1976)

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