70s Moments: ‘The Odd Couple Sings’ LP (1973)

‘The Odd Couple Sings’ LP (‘Cash Box’ magazine, June 30, 1973). Click to enlarge.

“You see them on TV. Now hear them on LP.”

Raise your hand if you were aware that Tony Randall and Jack Klugman, stars of The Odd Couple TV series, recorded an album in 1973? Well, whether or not this LP was known to you, the fact that it exists makes everything in the solar system shine just a little bit brighter.

Some background, The Odd Couple Sings album was recorded with The London Festival Orchestra and Chorus and was released on London Records in the summer of ’73.

What does the glorious thing sound like? Find out just below where Randall & Klugman belt out “Applause, Applause.”

‘The Odd Couple Sings’: ‘Applause, Applause’ (1973)

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