Where Did The Commercials Go?

Experiencing technical difficulties…

My apologies folks, but I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties with the editing process for the commercials I post and I haven’t yet found a work-around. When I sort out the issues the commercials will return!

Seeking Advice:
Does anyone know of a simple program that will convert .wmv’s (Windows Media Video Files) to MP4s? Movie Maker has suddenly, and inexplicably, stopped performing that function. I’ve tried a few other programs and they’re not getting the job done properly.

Or, a free or inexpensive editor that allows you to edit and enhance .wmvs would be good as well. I used to use YouTube’s built-in editor but they removed it in September claiming no one else used it. Since then, I’ve used the OpenShot video editor but it doesn’t recognize .wmvs, only MP4s.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions. Thank you!

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2 Responses to Where Did The Commercials Go?

  1. Clarke says:

    VideoPad video editor