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Born 1966, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Raised by numerous Sleestacks and five Amazing Dobermans in the fabulous 1970s. Currently lives in Southern California with his wife and daughter. Likes to get drunk late at night while watching The Brady Bunch.

The EIC and his sister, December, 1971, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Wendy Bozzi says:

    Love this site, born in ’67 all this is a comfort zone for me!

  2. Steve Hoza says:

    Absolutely love your website. The 70s was the greatest decade to grow up in. THANKS for singling out “Charley Varrick.” It’s always been a favorite flick of mine.

  3. Chelly says:

    What a fantastic site! Just discovered you via Dad’s Dish. Love anything to do with the 70s. Cheers!

  4. N. Duncan says:

    Love your site! Stumbled upon it while looking up Holmes and Yo Yo, which I fondly recall and agree with your sentiments. I was born in 71, so I was a bit younger but still recall the computer on his chest and that Yo Yo was a lovable hero… Thanks for a great site!

  5. scopophilia says:

    I was born in the exciting year of ’69 and remember the 70’s fondly. Visiting your site is like going back in time.

  6. oltimetv says:

    Fun article. I would like to link your Thanksgiving Brady Bunch article, and use your one of your photos, on my next blog? annettehoffman.wordpress.com

  7. Sharry A. says:

    Hi Dave!

    I am the ultimate 70s diva! I have lurked on your site for awhile now, but I finally got a bug in me to reply to posts. I fondly remember the 70s as the best time in the world to be a kid! No play dates, cell phones, internet, helicopter parenting (hovering). Life was good, simple, and just plain fun. Thanks for the great memories!

    • David Moore says:

      Hi Sharry,
      I’m very glad you are having fun here at the Disco! Thanks for sharing your comments and stories. Keep on Truckin’!

  8. George says:

    Not meaning to rain on the parade, but Leonard Nimoy was never involved, much less a producer, on “The Fantastic Journey”. Greatly appreciate the mention of the series though.

    • David Moore says:

      Hi George,
      Thanks for the comment. While researching the show I found the Nimoy connection, but that may have been incorrect. I can’t find the original source again. Thanks for the info. I’ll correct it.

  9. princesscami says:

    I discovered your site a couple of months ago. I love all of the 1970s nostalgia. I was born in 1970 and love pop culture. Keep up the great work!

  10. W. A. P. says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    This message is for all of the people responsible for the official Bionic Disco web site. This is a request for some classic 1970’s TV commercials.

    Do you remember the 1970’s TV commercials for Bounty(R) paper towels in which Bounty became ‘New
    Extra Absorbent Bounty’? Those commercials aired sometime in the 1974-1975 time run. If you get permission, please try to find the two 30-second commercials for ‘New Extra Absorbent Bounty.’

    I thank you very much for your time.

    Sincerely yours,

    W. A. P.

  11. Chris Clark says:


    I am a member of “The TV Lounge” which talks about three 70s UK TV Shows: The Sweeney, The Professionals and Minder


  12. Laura Bledsoe says:

    Wow, this looks like a really great site! I was born ’67, and the 1970s were the best time in my life. Thanks for bringing them back.

  13. Bristor Gwynne says:

    Thank you for downloading 3 commercials of Irene Cara. Had she done any others in her career in the
    1970s perhaps for McDonalds, Coca Cola and Dolly Madison ?

  14. Bristor Gwynne says:

    Could you tell me what other commercials Irene Cara has done in the 1970s?

  15. Valerie Perez says:

    David, thank you for posting an American Express Commercial that may have only been seconds long, but captured my totally New Yorker dad on 1974, who passed in 1987. He was larger than life, had a whirlwind time on earth and was my best friend. Now, my husband and son who could not meet him can get a glimpse of the man I described. The 100’s of stories have a voice and a face. Thank you. Best Christmas gift ever. That year we sat around my Gram’s “console” t.v. so proud of this cool dude from Queens. Big times for his Italian immigrant family.

  16. Bristor Gwynne says:

    Could you tell me what tv commercials that actress Irene Cara had done in the 70s other than Timex,
    Burger King and the Puffs Tissues Ads?

  17. Bristor Gwynne says:

    Are there any other tv commercials from the 1970s that have included Irene Cara or Morgan Freeman?
    Are there other 1970s commercials of the Coca Cola Soft Drink?

    • Bristor Gwynne says:

      Could you give me a response from my original question , David Moore Thank You

      • David Moore says:

        Hi. Nothing new with Cara or Freeman to post lately. No new Coke commercials either. I’ll be sure and post anything good I come across in the future.

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