Music For Monday: The Spinners, ‘The Rubberband Man’ (Live ’76)

'Guaranteed to blow your mind...' (The Spinners, 'The Rubberband Man,' 1976)

‘Guaranteed to blow your mind…’ (The Spinners, ‘The Rubberband Man,’ 1976)

As a fresh, new week begins it’s time for a childhood favorite and a real 1970s-era sing-a-long. And really, I’m in a mild state of disbelief that I haven’t featured this song on the site before.

Here’s The Spinners performing “The Rubberband Man” on The Midnight Special. “The Rubberband Man” bounced all the way to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the fall of 1976.

The Spinners: ‘The Rubberband Man,’ Live On ‘The Midnight Special,’ 1976

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Funshine Friday: ‘The Electric Company’ – ‘Shoo Shoo Sunshine’ Song (1971)

'Shoo shoo sunshine...don't shine on me no more.' (Morgan Freeman, 'The Electric Company,' 1971)

‘Shoo shoo sunshine…don’t shine on me no more.’ (Morgan Freeman, ‘The Electric Company,’ 1971)

Hurrah! We’ve almost made it to the end of the work week. It’s nearly time to kick off our shoes and begin to relax. To get us mentally started on our weekend, here’s Academy Award-winner, Morgan Freeman singing “Shoo Shoo Sunshine” on The Electric Company.

The clip below originally aired on November 9, 1971. Have a happy Funshine Friday!

‘The Electric Company': Morgan Freeman Sings ‘Shoo Shoo Sunshine,’ 1971

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70s Stories: Peter Brady’s ‘Brady Bunch’ Outfits For Sale

Christopher Knight's duds for an 'American Bandstand' appearance, 1972

Christopher Knight’s duds for an ‘American Bandstand’ appearance, 1972

Actor Christopher Knight of The Brady Bunch is selling a number of authentic outfits worn during the show’s heyday in the 1970s. According to an email I received from the website Brady World, if you’d like to purchase any of the memorabilia you’ll want to contact the email address you can find in the photos below.





Far out! (And, no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.)

(Source: Brady World)

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Music For Monday: Boney M., ‘Rivers Of Babylon’ (1978)

'By the Rivers of Babylon...' (Boney M., 1978)

‘By the Rivers of Babylon…’ (Boney M., 1978)

A very wonderful Monday to you. Today, we’ve got Boney M.‘s biggest US hit, “Rivers of Babylon,” which rose to #30 in 1978. The tune was a massive hit across much of Europe, and still rates as one of the best-selling singles of all-time in the UK.

Press play and let it take you away.

Boney M.:’Rivers Of Babylon,’ 1978

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Rad Ads: American Motors’ Pierre Cardin Javelin SST (1972)

American Motors' Pierre Cardin Javelin SST. ('New York' magazine, March 20, 1972)

American Motors’ Pierre Cardin Javelin SST. (‘New York’ magazine, March 20, 1972)

“Only Pierre Cardin can make upholstery look so elegant, door panels so classy, and a headliner so chic.”

American Motors’ French connection. American Motors’ Pierre Cardin Javelin SST originally appeared in the March 20, 1972 issue of New York magazine.

(Source: New York)

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Music For Monday: Christie, ‘Yellow River’ (1970)

"Yellow River is in my mind and in my eyes..." (Jeff Christie, 1970)

“Yellow River is in my mind and in my eyes…” (Jeff Christie, 1970)

Christie’s “Yellow River” was a #1 smash in the UK, Ireland, Norway and Finland. The song, written and sung by British-born Jeff Christie, is a tale of a soldier returning home after the American Civil War.

“Yellow River” did pretty well in the States too, reaching a high of #23 on the Billboard “Hot 100.” Take a dip in the water (a cold-looking Thames) in the promo film below and see if it conjures up pleasurable memories.

Christie: ‘Yellow River,’ 1970

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