70s Spots: Panasonic & Quasar TV Sets (1977)

Ron Masak, what a sport!

“Quasar makes television special again.”

Two television set commercials now from 1977. First, we have the Panasonic Quintrix II set featuring actor Ron Masak. The spot aired in September ’77.

Second, a spot featuring Joyce Bulifant for the Quasar Dynabrite set from November ’77. Do not adjust your sets, Bionic pals!

Panasonic TV Set Commercial (Ron Masak, 1977)

Quasar TV Set Commercial (Joyce Bulifant, 1977)

Previously on 70s Spots: ’79 & ’80 Volkswagen Rabbit (1979)

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70s Spots: ’79 & ’80 Volkswagen Rabbit (1979)

I love Paris in a VW…

“Volkswagen does it again!”

Visiting the last year of the decade today with a pair of 1979 Volkswagen spots. First, a commercial for the Rabbit Diesel from January ’79 featuring everyone’s favorite – a Washington politician.

After that, a Parisian-flavored Rabbit commercial from November ’79. Rev ’em up and go.

Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel Commercial (1979)

’80 Volkswagen Rabbit ‘Paris’ Commercial (1979)

Previously on 70s Spots: Homelite Chainsaw ‘Toy’ & Nicholson Tools Cartoon (1971)

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70s Spots: Homelite Chainsaw ‘Toy’ & Nicholson Tools Cartoon (1971)

Tree total’er

“The no-sweat chainsaw.”

Fun with tools today as we take in two spots from December of 1971. A commercial for Homelite chainsaws featuring a granny cutting logs and a child’s toy chainsaw offer. That’s followed by an animated pirate spot for Nicholson U.S.A. tools.

Homelite Chainsaw Commercial (1971)

Nicholson Tools Animated Commercial (1971)

Previously on 70s Spots: MetLife ‘Roller Skating’ & New York Life ‘Gen Custer’ (1972)

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Holiday Repeats: ‘4th Of July Parade’ Sing-A-Long & Bicentennial ’76

A very happy Independence Day Bionic friends! Let’s turn the time-clock back and revisit two posts celebrating the day; Holiday Sing-A-Long: ‘The 4th Of July Parade’ From ‘Rudolph’s Shiny New Year’ (1976) & America’s Bicentennial: July 4th, 1976.

"There's a happy celebration in each town across the nation..." (Rankin/Bass, 1976)

“There’s a happy celebration in each town across the nation…” (Rankin/Bass, 1976)

“On this island, every day is the 4th of July!”

Happy 4th of July to all who are celebrating at home and abroad! To get us in the proper mood, here’s “The 4th of July Parade” song from Rankin/Bass’ Rudolph’s Shiny New Year.

"...At the 4th of July Parade!" (Rankin/Bass, 1976)

“…At the 4th of July Parade!” (Rankin/Bass, 1976)

Rudolph’s Shiny New Year first aired in December of 1976 (topping off the Bicentennial celebrations). In the clip below you can hang out with Ben Franklin, Rudolph and the Baby New Year. Music & lyrics by Johnny Marks. Music arranged & conducted by Maury Laws. Let the festivities begin!

‘The 4th Of July Parade’ From ‘Rudolph’s Shiny New Year,’ 1976


America’s Bicentennial: July 4th, 1976

Happy 4th of July, folks! From 1974 throughout 1976 America was gripped with a “Bicentennial fever” of sorts.

The omnipresent ('74-'76) Bicentennial symbol

It started with the government unveiling the official Bicentennial logo (above) and went on to encompass TV commercials featuring Ben Franklin and other 1776-era figures, “Bicentennial Minute” public service announcements, numerous Bicentennial postage stamps being issued and the painting of local fire hydrants red, white and blue. Really, pretty much any paintable or printable surface seemed to sport red, white and blue colors from ’74-’76.

I can distinctly remember vacationing at my grandparent’s place in Houston, Texas and watching TV coverage of the massive flotilla of ships streaming into the New York Harbor while fireworks exploded overhead. The 1976 Summer Olympics would follow soon after (July 17th) and it just felt good to be an American.

Have a look at this great footage (below) from ABC on the long-awaited day of celebration. It’s a real slice-o’-life moment from 35 years ago. If you like what you see, you can continue onto parts 2-5 easily enough. Have a great extended weekend and an enjoyable 70s flashback!

Sunday, July 04, 1976: “From the American Broadcasting Company’s Bicentennial Center in New York City…Harry Reasoner.”

Read more: Bicentennial, ’76 Summer Olympics, Bicentennial postage stamps, Harry Reasoner

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70s Spots: MetLife ‘Roller Skating’ & New York Life ‘Gen Custer’ (1972)

Frank Jones brings the smiles

“We sell life insurance. But our business is life.”

Here’s two life insurance commercials from late 1972. Neither one of these spots is dry and boring, so do give them a look-see.

First, a charming spot from December ’72 for Metropolitan Life. This one reminds me of being a kid in the early 70s – wearing a striped shirt and failing at roller skating.

Second, a spot from November ’72 for New York Life featuring actor James Murtaugh as General Custer. Roll ’em!

MetLife ‘Roller Skating’ Commercial (1972)

New York Life ‘Gen. Custer’ Commercial (1972)

Previously on 70s Spots: Hostess Snack Cakes (Ann Blyth, 1972 & ’74)

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70s Spots: Hostess Snack Cakes (Ann Blyth, 1972 & ’74)

Still frame from my nightly dreams circa 1970s

“Freshness never tasted so good.”

A pair of Hostess snack cakes commercials featuring Academy Award-nominated actor, Ann Blyth (Mildred Pierce). Both of these spots seem to feature Blyth’s real family. The first aired in August of 1972. The second ran in February of 1974.

Ann Blyth is happily still with us and going strong at the age of 88. Not sure if she’s facilitating snacking for the grand and great-grand kids.

Hostess Snacks Commercial (Ann Blyth, 1972)

Hostess Snacks Commercial (Ann Blyth, 1974)

Previously on 70s Spots: ‘Mork & Mindy’ & ‘The White Shadow’ (1979)

More Hostess at Bionic Disco: Daily 70s Spot: Hostess O’s Doughnuts (1974)

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