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Daily 70s Ad: AMC Gremlin (1974)

(Click ad to enlarge) “The only U.S. sub-compact with a standard six-cylinder engine.” A sexy backside from 40-years-ago. Daily 70s Ad #93: AMC Gremlin originally appeared in the April, 1974 issue of Popular Science magazine. (Source: Popular Science) Previously on … Continue reading

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Music For Monday: Blue Swede, ‘Hooked On A Feeling’ (Live ’74)

It’s time to start off a new week and time for a 70s tune to get us rolling along. Here’s a song that was at the top of the charts 40-years-ago on the Billboard “Hot 100″ (April 06, 1974). It’s … Continue reading

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Daily 70s Ad: Scout Leader Outfit (1974)

(Click ad to enlarge) “When you wear it with pride at every Scouting function, you lead the way to good uniforming in your troop.” Hairspray and desert boots not included. Daily 70s Ad #71: Scout Leader Outfit originally appeared in … Continue reading

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Funshine Friday: Sesame Street: Johnny Cash Sings ‘Nasty Dan’ (1974)

Welcome to the almost-weekend, 70s fans. Here’s a two-minute treat for you. Johnny Cash appeared on Sesame Street during season five (1973-74) singing the tune “Nasty Dan” to Oscar the Grouch. If you click the clicker below you can watch … Continue reading

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Trailer Tuesday: ‘Blazing Saddles’ (40th Anniversary, 1974)

This Friday, February 7th is the 40th Anniversary of the release of Mel Brook’s classic comedy Western, Blazing Saddles. To celebrate the occasion, we have the original theatrical trailer on display for you below. Blazing Saddles stars Cleavon Little as … Continue reading

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Daily 70s Ad: Blue Boy Scout Uniform (1974)

(Click ad to enlarge) “The right-on uniform. It’s rough & tough!” Note the fancy secret handshake going on in there. Pretty crafty! Daily 70s Ad #22: Blue Boy Scout Uniform originally appeared in the January, 1974 issue of Boy’s Life … Continue reading

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