Daily 70s Ad: Henry James Clothing (1978)

Henry James Clothing. ('Orange Coast' magazine, Jan. 1978)

Henry James Clothing. (‘Orange Coast’ magazine, Jan. 1978)

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“Gentleman’s Clothiers.”

They say everything eventually comes back into fashion. I’m not so sure about that blue ensemble. Daily 70s Ad #102: Henry James Clothing originally appeared in the January, 1978 issue of Orange Coast magazine.

(Source: Orange Coast)

Previously on Daily 70s Ad: Miller High Life ‘Frosty Mug’ (1970)

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Daily 70s Ad: Miller High Life ‘Frosty Mug’ (1970)

Miller High Life 'Frosty Mug.' ('Popular Science' magazine, Apr. 1970)

Miller High Life ‘Frosty Mug.’ (‘Popular Science’ magazine, Apr. 1970)

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“Miller High Life is brewed hearty, robust, deep-down good. It’s the Champagne of beers.”

And it’s cheap too! Daily 70s Ad #101: Miller High Life ‘Frosty Mug’ originally appeared in the April, 1970 issue of Popular Science magazine.

(Source: Popular Science)

Previously on Daily 70s Ad: #100: Gino Vannelli ‘Powerful People’

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Music For Monday: Gino Vannelli, ‘Powerful People’ (1975)

"It's a lonely afternoon..." (Gino Vannelli, 'Powerful People,' 1975)

“It’s a lonely afternoon…” (Gino Vannelli, ‘Powerful People,’ 1975)

This song goes hand-in-hand with today’s Daily 70s Ad, so I couldn’t resist. It’s Gino Vannelli performing “Powerful People” on Soul Train in 1975.

“Powerful People,’ from the L.P. of the same name, wasn’t a big hit, so you’re probably not familiar with it. I wasn’t. Nevertheless, the tune is a jazz-fusion-disco ballad…of sorts and (beyond big Vannelli fans) it’s a mostly-forgotten slice of 1970s musical history. The last minute of the video contains a brief interview. Watch in stunned awe?

Gino Vannelli: ‘Powerful People’ on ‘Soul Train,’ 1975

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Daily 70s Ad #100: Gino Vannelli ‘Powerful People’

Gino Vannelli ‘Powerful People.' ('Billboard' magazine, Feb. 22, 1975)

Gino Vannelli ‘Powerful People.’ (‘Billboard’ magazine, Feb. 22, 1975)

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“Gino’s powerful follow-up to ‘People Gotta Move.’”

Quick! Give that pilot a flying cap. Daily 70s Ad #100: Gino Vannelli ‘Powerful People’ originally appeared in the February 22, 1975 issue of Billboard magazine.

(Source: Billboard)

Previously on Daily 70s Ad: Datsun 200-SX (1977)

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Sunday 70s Spots: Alka-Seltzer & Tums (1976 & ’79)

"Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz!" (Morgan Freeman (?) and friends, 1976)

“Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz!” (Morgan Freeman (?) and friends, 1976)

Acid indigestion “Relief” weekend continues (and sadly, ends) today. This time around we have Rolaids competitors; Alka-Seltzer (1976) and Tums (1979).

It sure as heck looks like Morgan Freeman in the back of the bowling team in the Alka-Seltzer spot. Unfortunately, the source video is a bit blurry so I’m not comfortable saying it is for sure. What think you?

Alka-Seltzer ‘Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz’ Commercial, 1976

Tums Tablets Commercial, 1979

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Daily 70s Ad: Datsun 200-SX (1977)

Datsun 200-SX. ('Popular Mechanics' magazine, Mar. 1977)

Datsun 200-SX. (‘Popular Mechanics’ magazine, Mar. 1977)

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“A sporty car with everything but a sports car price.”

Yeah. That looks just like a sports car. Hell, it’s practically a Formula 1. Daily 70s Ad #99: Datsun 200-SX originally appeared in the March, 1977 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

(Source: Popular Mechanics)

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