70s Spots: Radio Shack Tape Recorder & TRS-80 Computer (1978)

Keep it Realistic

“A real bargain for people on the go!”

Two spots for Radio Shack to get your weekend underway. First, we find pianist Peter Nero extolling the virtues of a somewhat pricey cassette tape recorder. The big draw here is the ability to record off the radio. Sounds cool to me. I would have found this appealing at age 11. The spot aired in October 1978.

Second, a fun commercial for Radio Shack’s TRS-80 computer. A steal at only 600 smackers! The spot aired December ’78.

Radio Shack Tape Recorder Commercial (Peter Nero, 1978)

Radio Shack TRS-80 Computer Commercial (1978)

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70s Stories In The News: ‘Brady Bunch’ Slot Machine, Evel Knievel, Wim Wenders

‘Member that one time The Bradys went to Vegas?
(‘The Brady Bunch’ slot machine, 2017)

‘Brady Bunch’ Slot Machine
A mind-blowing new slot machine featuring The Brady Bunch is set to hit casinos in early 2018. A wide selection of video and sound clips from the show are featured.

I’ll need to stay far away from this thing if I want to hang onto my money. It’s pushing all my buttons (pun intended). Head over for a video view of the incredible machine in action.

MeTV Quote:
Everi has included clips from the sitcom in the new slot machine, including a bonus play mode that promises to bring Maureen McCormick’s Marcia Brady ‘back to life’ and references perhaps the show’s most iconic clip from the episode ‘Her Sister’s Shadow,’ in which Jan moans to the Carol and Mike, ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!’

Snake Canyon, Idaho

Evel Knievel Snake Canyon Jump
Smithsonian.com has a video available which takes a look at Snake Canyon, Idaho as it appears today while looking back on Evel Knievel’s 1974 attempt to cross the gorge in a rocket. Make the jump?

Wim Wenders Self-Portrait, 1975

Wim Wender’s Seventies Polaroids
German film director, Wim Wenders’ 1970s-era Polaroids are the subject of an article at the New Yorker magazine. You’ll want to see what developed.

New Yorker Quote:
For Wenders, it’s as if the Polaroid images were recorded on both sides, capturing the photographer’s inner vision and the outer world at the same time. For someone who remembers New York and American places from the nineteen-seventies, even dimly, Wenders’s Polaroids (which will go on display later this month in an exhibit at the Photographers’ Gallery, in London) offer the feeling of a time capsule, of a trove of personal memories that conjure an entire lost world.

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70s Spots: Brylcreem ‘Bounce’ & Schick Super Chromium (1971)

Time to Bounce!

“A little dab of Brylcreem…gives you the Brylcreem Bounce.”

Today, we feature November 1971 bathroom grooming tips from Brylcreem and Schick. First up, Harry and the Brylcreem Bounce. Following that, Schick Super Chromium razor blades.

Brylcreem ‘Harry’ Commercial (1971)

Schick Super Chromium Shave Commercial (1971)

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70s Spots: Kodak Instant Cameras (Dick Van Dyke, 1976 & ’78)

Dick Van Dyke – instantly likeable

“Bright, brilliant, bursting color…”

A pair of Kodak instant camera spots today. In the first commercial from May 1978, Dick Van Dyke sells us on the Kodak Colorburst. In the second spot from October of 1976, The Crank is on display.

Kodak Colorburst Camera Commercial (Dick Van Dyke, 1978)

Kodak ‘The Crank’ Camera Commercial (1976)

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70s Baseball: In Praise Of ‘Ugly’ Uniforms

Nolan Ryan circa mid-70s

Todd Random at The New York Times describes “Why I Love Ugly Uniforms.” The uniforms in question being the bright and stylishly suspect Seventies baseball gear of teams like the Houston Astros, Oakland A’s, and San Diego Padres.

NYT quote:
“The greatest ugly sports uniform of all time arrived in April 1975, when the Houston Astros revealed a new look, described as resembling ‘rainbow guts’ or a ‘tequila sunrise.’

The pullover jerseys featured an alternating series of horizontal stripes, rendered in shades of orange, yellow and red, the word Astros spelled out above in clean, unembellished sans serif letterforms. A Texas-size navy blue star, nine and one-eighth inches high and placed squarely against the left side of the players’ bellies, punctuated the look.”

Take a fashinon-forward run around the bases.

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