Sunday 70s Spots: Vic Tayback & Wally Schirra (1970)

Before Mel opened his diner he was a ship's captain - and shaving specialist! (Vic Tayback, Edge commercial, 1970)

Before Mel opened his diner he was a ship’s captain – and shaving specialist! (Vic Tayback, Edge commercial, 1970)

“To cut yourself you almost have to try.”

Here’s two commercials from November of 1970 featuring known personalities. First, we have actor, Vic Tayback (prior to being cast as Mel on Alice) for Edge shaving gel.

After that, one of the first US astronauts, Wally Schirra, for America’s railroads.

Edge Shave Gel Commercial With Vic Tayback, 1970

America’s Railroads Commercial With Wally Schirra, 1970

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More Vic Tayback at Bionic Disco: Autolite Sparkplug ‘Gangsters’ With Vic Tayback (1972)

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Saturday 70s Spots: Gatorade & Swiss Colony Wine (1975)

You, sly dog, you! (Italian Swiss Colony wine commercial, 1975)

You, sly dog, you! (Italian Swiss Colony wine commercial, 1975)

“You should have seen this terrace when I was a bachelor. Every night, girls in satin pant-suits, see-through blouses, and lots of imported wine.”

I hope everyone has recovered from their holiday feasting. As you kick back relaxing and reminiscing, why not enjoy some vintage commercials?

First, an oh-so-70s spot for Italian Swiss Colony wine featuring a (former) swinging bachelor. After that, a humorous Gatorade spot with a Western movie star and his stunt double. Both commercials aired in July of 1975.

Italian Swiss Colony Wine Commercial, 1975

Gatorade ‘Stuntman’ Commercial, 1975

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Thanksgiving Holiday Repeats: ‘Charlie Brown’ & ‘The Brady Bunch’ (1973 & ’70)

As is now tradition here…

Happy Thanksgiving, Bionic pals! Here’s some Thanksgiving holiday favorites from years past. 70s’ style reruns, if you will. May your celebrations be bountiful!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (And Appreciating Our Pop Culture)

Time to dress up as pilgrims and go door-to-door caroling again!
‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,’ November, 1973

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow USA-dwellers! It’s time to butter the toast, pop the corn, pass out the jelly beans and get to feasting! And what better way to celebrate the day than to enjoy a few memorable moments from 1973’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

I grew up with this CBS special helping to define the holiday and I’m willing to bet most of you did too.

I’ll be recreating this meal today. Hope my guests are appreciative.
‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,’ November, 1973

Today, as you sit at your ping pong tables and munch on your pretzel sticks don’t forget to give thanks (yes, for family and friends, but also) to Charles Schulz and the Peanuts gang!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – Opening/Football Kick-Off

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – Feast Preparation

Check out this article where The Wall Street Journal‘s Market Watch says “‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ defines holiday TV” and have a great day.

Wall Street Journal Quote:

“On Nov. 20, 1973, CBS slotted ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,’ — sponsored by Interstate Brands, the parent of Dolly Madison cakes and pies — at 8 p.m. Eastern to kick off its Tuesday night lineup. The Peanuts cartoons had become such ratings blockbusters by this time that the network had no problem preempting ‘Maude,’ the ‘All In The Family’ spinoff that would finish as the sixth most-watched show of the 1973-74 season.

Against the short-lived NBC crime drama ‘Chase’ and the medical sitcom ‘The New Temperatures Rising Show,’ ABC’s second attempt to find a starring vehicle for comedian Paul Lynde, ‘Thanksgiving’ easily won the time period, averaging a 27.8 rating and 43 share of the television audience.”

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Wiki, IMDb

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly says: “‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ draws biggest audience in 4 years

Brady Bunch Moments: Greg’s Thanksgiving Movie

‘Our Pilgrim Fathers’ aka ‘Through Hardship To Freedom’ written, produced and directed by Gregory Brady. Music direction and narration by Gregory Brady
‘The Brady Bunch,’ 1970

And now, we turn to our favorite family and their seasonally-relevant episode. In season two‘s “The Un-Underground Movie,” which originally aired October 16, 1970, we watch Greg’s homemade film entitled Our Pilgrim Fathers.

Capt. Jones of The Mayflower takes an imaginary arrow to the hambone
‘The Brady Bunch,’ 1970

Watch Greg’s cinematic masterpiece in its entirety below. You’ll especially enjoy the dramatic slo-mo “Special Effects” just “like in those real ‘arty’ movies.”

And as an added holiday treat – here’s another BBM from a few months back that’s been getting a ton of search-engine hits the past two weeks: Alice’s Thanksgiving Moustache

Brady Bunch Moments: Alice’s Thanksgiving Moustache

The Bradys pause to mock Alice during the filming of Greg’s docudrama, ‘Our Pilgrim Fathers,’ October, 1970

On this mesmerizing edition of “Brady Bunch Moments” – filming for Greg’s Thanksgiving school project is going well despite problems with his (over) actors and some unexpected wardrobe malfunctions.

Click below to enjoy this two-minute clip from “The Un-Underground Movie” episode which originally aired during the second season of The Brady Bunch on October 16, 1970.

Just because…

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Sunday 70s Spots: Kentucky Fried Chicken (1972 & ’75)

A bucket o' '75. (Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial, summer 1975)

A bucket o’ ’75. (Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial, summer 1975)

“Hey, it’s a Kentucky Fried Chicken Day.”

It’s Sunday in the Seventies. Time to head out for a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Today, we’ve got two vintage spots on display for the company not-yet-known as KFC.

Fist up, a “Party Pleaser Month” spot from October of 1972 with narration by the Colonel. After that, a picnic spot from July 1975 with a Hitchcock-style cameo from the Colonel. That man has to qualify as a 70s mascot.

Kentucky Fried Chicken ‘Party’ Commercial, 1972

Kentucky Fried Chicken ‘Picnic’ Commercial, 1975

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Saturday 70s Spots: Alka-Seltzer & Brylcreem (1972)

Jim is sporting the Brylcreem bounce. (Brylcreem commercial, October 1972)

Jim is sporting the Brylcreem bounce. (Brylcreem commercial, October 1972)

“A little dab of Brylcreem on your hair gives you the Brylcreem bounce.”

Here’s two fun spots from the fall of 1972. The first, a Brylcreem commercial from October ’72, features a fellow called Jim and a Beach Boys-style jingle. Does anyone still use Brylcreem? It first appeared in the 1920s and is still available today.

After that, enjoy an Alka-Seltzer spot from November ’72 with a weekly poker game theme.

Brylcreem ‘Bounce’ Commercial, 1972

Alka-Seltzer ‘Poker Game’ Commercial, 1972

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Rad Ads: Tri-Sport 3-Wheel Vehicle (1971)

Tri-Sport 3-Wheel Vehicle. ('Popular Science' magazine, November 1971)

Tri-Sport 3-Wheel Vehicle. (‘Popular Science’ magazine, November 1971)

“Gentle, gentle footsteps – wouldn’t mash a marshmallow.”

Crazy, baby! Tri-Sport 3-Wheel Vehicle originally appeared in the November 1971 issue of Popular Science magazine.

(Source: Popular Science)

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