Rad Ads: Kodak ‘Voter’s Choice’ Watch (1972)

Kodak 'Voter's Choice' Watch ('LIFE' magazine, September 01, 1972)

Kodak ‘Voter’s Choice’ Watch (‘LIFE’ magazine, September 01, 1972)

“$4.95 and both end panels from three boxes of any Kodak color film get you the Kodak ‘Voter’s Choice’ calendar watch of your choice.”

Boxes of film! I think I may still have some in my freezer. Kodak ‘Voter’s Choice’ Watch originally appeared in the September 01, 1972 issue of LIFE magazine.

(Source: LIFE)

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70s Stories In The News: ‘Sesame Street,’ Janis Joplin & The Eagles

'Sesame Street' cast, 1970s. (Photo: Sesame Workshop)

‘Sesame Street’ cast, 1970s. (Photo: Sesame Workshop)

Here’s a trio of recent 1970s-related stories you may find of interest. I certainly did.

Sonia Manzano, aka Maria from Sesame Street, recently announced her retirement from the famed children’s show. She spoke with NPR about growing up in the South Bronx, her career and new memoir, Becoming Maria.

“There was a moment when Stevie Wonder came on to Sesame Street and he did ‘Very Superstitious.’ … The whole studio rocked out and it was great because, white people, black people, young people, old people — everybody was on the same page for that two minutes that he sang and that really stands out.”

You can read it here.

In a story at Rolling Stone magazine, “Cameron Crowe Looks Back on His 1975 Eagles Cover Story.” The title of the article tells you what to expect.

“They posed for a photo by the amps, arms around each other, and we exchanged phone numbers. I stayed in touch with them. (Little did I know, that fuzzy group shot would be one of the only known photos of all four original members hugging each other. Looking at it today, it has the same slightly surreal quality of one of those photos of the Loch Ness Monster.)”

You can read it here.

Janis Joplin By Peter Warrack 1970Lastly, again via Rolling Stone, lost, intense photos of Janis Joplin’s last concert appearance at Harvard Stadium in August 1970 have turned up. The shots are by Peter Warrack and you can check out a gallery display to relive the experience.

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Sunday 70s Spots: Datsun & ‘Match Game PM’ (1978)

1970s slogan No.101: 'Datsun. We are driven.' (B-210 GX commercial, 1978)

1970s slogan No.101: ‘Datsun. We are driven.’ (B-210 GX commercial, 1978)

“Nobody demands more from a Datsun…than Datsun!”

On this fine, lazy Sunday, we step back in time to 1978 and view two commercials you may have caught that year.

First up, one for the Datsun B-210 GX that aired in early January ’78 (produced in 1977). After that, a fun promo for the game show, Match Game PM. In the episode in question, host Gene Rayburn gets help filling in the blanks from; Charles Nelson Reilly, Gary Burghoff, Brett Somers, Loni Anderson, McLean Stevenson and Marcia Wallace.

Datsun B-210 GX Commercial, 1978

‘Match Game PM’ Promo, 1978

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Saturday 70s Spots: Bernie Kopell & Bob Hope (1976)

Bernie Kopell as Ludwig von Calculatus (National Semiconductor commercial, 1976)

Bernie Kopell as Ludwig von Calculatus (National Semiconductor commercial, 1976)

“Sold more handheld calculators…than anybody else in America.”

Handheld calculators! The Love Boat! Bob Hope! We’ve got a mighty mix for today’s vintage spots. First in the queue, The Love Boat‘s Bernie “Doc” Kopell for National Semiconductor calculators. The spot aired in September of 1976.

After that, take in a commercial starring Bob Hope for Texaco service stations. This one aired in early January ’76 and was produced in 1975.

Bernie Kopell For National Semiconductor, 1976

Bob Hope For Texaco Gasoline, 1976

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More Bob Hope at Bionic Disco: ‘The Muppet Show’ – Bob Hope Sings (1978)

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Rad Ads: Lee Riders Jeans (1976)

Lee Riders Jeans. ('Ebony' magazine, August, 1976)

Lee Riders Jeans. (‘Ebony’ magazine, August, 1976)

“For those who think it’s time to get down to earth, back to basics.”

Check out that “authentic western styling”! Lee Riders Jeans originally appeared in the August, 1976 issue of Ebony magazine.

(Source: Ebony)

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Trailer Tuesday: ‘Airport’ (1970)

'Airport' trailer title, 1970

‘Airport’ trailer title, 1970

“The First Lady of the American stage, Helen Hayes, plays the mind-boggling, huggable, perpetual stowaway, Ada Quonsett…”

We haven’t enjoyed a good trailer in quite some time, so let’s fly right into one. Here’s the Coming Attraction for 1970’s Airport. The trailer for this early “Disaster Movie” is a long one featuring a parade of stars including; Dean Martin, George Kennedy, Jacqueline Bisset and Burt Lancaster.



It’s hard to watch this clip and not think of the 1980 comedy flick Airplane! Let the smacking commence.

‘Airport’ trailer, 1970

Airport Wiki, IMDb


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