The 1970s were a golden age for brilliant young directors coming of age, such as Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese who brought us The Godfather and Taxi Driver respectively. We also got beloved childhood fare such as The Bad News Bears and Animal House.

From all-time classics of cinema to epic “Disaster films”. The 70s produced them all; Deer Hunter. Star Wars. Logan’s Run. Annie Hall. Dirty Harry. Jaws. Planet of the Apes and many more. Whew!

Trailer Tuesday: ‘The Last Detail’ (1973)

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Dirty Harry’ (1971)

Trailer Tuesday: ‘The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight’ (1971)

Trailer Tuesday: Mark Lester In ‘Melody’ (aka ‘S.W.A.L.K.’) (1971)

Trailer Tuesday (Bicentennial Week): ‘The Omen’ (1976)

70s Moments: Roddy McDowall’s ‘Planet of the Apes’ home movies (1974) – “Makeup process for Battle for the Planet of the Apes.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Battle for the Planet of the Apes’ (1973) – “June of 1973.”

Trailer Tuesday: Richard Pryor in ‘Greased Lightning’ (1977) – “Hit theaters in July of 1977.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Capricorn One’ (1978) – “Hit theaters early summer, 1978.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘The Lords of Flatbush’ (1974) – “Rumbled into theaters in May of 1974.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Oh, God!’ (1977) – “Seventh highest-grossing film of the year.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Going in Style’ (1979) – “Stars George Burns, Lee Strasberg and Art Carney.”

Trailer Tuesday: Ralph Bakshi’s ‘Wizards’ (1977) – “The ultimate futuristic fantasy epic.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother’ (1975) – “Gene Wilder‘s directorial debut.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ (1970) – “The film stars Butch Patrick as Milo.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh’ (1979) – “An astrological disco sports extravaganza!”

Trailer Tuesday: Walter Matthau in ‘Kotch’ (1971) – “The only film directed by Jack Lemmon.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid’ (1973) – “Rode into theaters in May of 1973.”

Trailer Tuesday: Robert Shaw in ‘Swashbuckler’ (1976) – “Swung into theaters in July of 1976.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Papillon’ (1973) – “Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner, starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.”

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Silver Streak’ – “Hit theaters in December of 1976.”

Trailer Tuesday: Robby Benson in ‘One on One’ -“Benson as small town basketball champ.”

Trailer Tuesday: Kelly’s Heroes – “Clint Eastwood. Hit theaters in June of 1970.”

Trailer Tuesday: Macon County Line – “Hit theaters in August of 1974.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Return of the Pink Panther – “Trailer and a compilation of seven different TV spots from ’75.”

Trailer Tuesday: Disney’s The World’s Greatest Athlete – “Jan-Michael Vincent starred as Nanu, a Tarzan-like orphan from Africa.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Swarm – “Buzzed angrily into theaters in July of 1978.”

Trailer Tuesday: Play It Again, Sam – “Woody Allen, May of 1972.”

Trailer Tuesday: Escape from the Planet of the Apes – “May of 1971, ended up the 16th highest-grossing film of the year.”

Trailer Tuesday: Gene Hackman in ‘The Conversation’ – “Released in April of 1974.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Hindenburg – “Released on Christmas Day, 1975.”

Trailer Tuesday: Black Christmas – “Hit US theaters in December of 1974.”

Trailer Tuesday: Donald Sutherland in ‘Alex in Wonderland’ – “Film about a movie director struggling to follow up his successful debut.”

Trailer Tuesday: Robert Redford in ‘The Hot Rock’ – “Diamond heist flick, January of 1972.”

Trailer Tuesday: 1776 (the movie musical) – “Released November 17, 1972, the celluloid version of a successful stage hit.”

Trailer Tuesday: Jeremiah Johnson – “’72 adventure epic stars Robert Redford.”

Full Movie: Evel Knievel (1971) – “Now public domain and fair game.”

Trailer Tuesday: Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown – “Released on August 24, 1977.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Goodbye Girl – “Netted star, Richard Dreyfuss, the Academy Award for Best Actor.”

Trailer Tuesday: Play Misty for Me – “Starring Clint Eastwood, released in November of 1971.”

Trailer Tuesday: Saturday Night Fever – “The quintessential 70s disco flick.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Man with the Golden Gun – “A trailer featuring the 1970s James Bond, Roger Moore.”

Trailer Tuesday: What’s Up, Doc? – “The third highest-grossing film of 1972.”

Trailer Tuesday: Five Easy Pieces – “1970 film that really made audiences and Hollywood stand up and take notice of Nicholson.”

A Bruce Lee Moment: Nunchucks at noon – “Clip from the film Game of Death.”

Trailer Tuesday: Over the Edge – “November, 1979. Matt Dillon in his first-ever role.”

Trailer Tuesday: Dirty Little Billy – “Revisionist Western released in November of 1972.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Muppet Movie – “The 7th highest-grossing film of 1979.”

Trailer Tuesday: Foxy Brown – “Hit theaters in April of 1974.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Culpepper Cattle Co. – “Revisionist Western of April, ’72.”

Trailer Tuesday: Lucky Lady – “Minnelli, Hackman and Reynolds as rum runners in Prohibition-era San Diego.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Friends of Eddie Coyle – “Regarded today as a 70s classic.”

Trailer Tuesday: Logan’s Run – “Sci fi classic released to theaters in June of 1976.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Rescuers – “June, 1977. A return to form for the Disney organization.”

Trailer Tuesday: Americathon – “Summer, 1979. Film stars John Ritter as the 1998 US President.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Poseidon Adventure (1972) – “Trailer and cast member remembrance video.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Laughing Policeman – “Walter Matthau, Bruce Dern and Lou Gossett, Jr. star, released December of 1973.”

Trailer Tuesday: Sounder – “Released in September of 1972 and ended up as the 15th most successful film of the year.”

Trailer Tuesday: Love Story (and O’Neal & MacGraw today) – “Love Story, written by Erich Segal and directed by Arthur Hiller, was released in December of 1970.”

Trailer Tuesday: Slap Shot – “Stars Paul Newman as Reggie Dunlop, the player/coach of the Charlestown Chiefs.”

Trailer Tuesday: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory – “Released 41 years ago this month in 1971.”

Trailer Tuesday: A Bridge Too Far – “Richard Attenborough’s film was released in June of 1977 and tells the true story of Operation Market Garden.”

May 25, 1977: 35th anniversary of Star Wars – “In celebration, here’s a link to a Time Magazine article on the anniversary and the original, decades-old Star Wars trailer.”

Trailer Tuesday: International Velvet – “The movie stars Tatum O’Neal as Sarah Brown, an American girl who’s been shipped off to England to live with relatives after the tragic death of her parents.”

Trailer Tuesday: A Clockwork Orange – “Stanley Kubrick’s film based on the book debuted in US theaters in December of 1971.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Other (1972) – “Directed by Robert Mulligan and based on the book by Tom Tryon, The Other was released 40 years ago in May of 1972.”

Trailer Tuesday: Walter Matthau is ‘Charley Varrick’ – “An enjoyable heist flick that was somewhat influential on later crime movies.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Outlaw Josey Wales – “Based on a book by Forrest Carter and released in June of 1976.”

Trailer Tuesday: Phantom of the Paradise – “On Halloween day, 1974, a film destined to become a cult classic was released.”

Then and Now: ‘Car Wash’ film location, Los Angeles – “Screens from the film and Google Street shots of the location as it stands today.”

Trailer Tuesday: Death Wish – “Released in the summer of 1974. The film stars Charles Bronson as vengeful vigilante, Paul Kersey.”

Rupert Pupkin Speaks: Film favorites of 1974 – “Currently on dock is 1974 and 26 international movie posters are on display.”

Trailer Tuesday: Dick Van Dyke in ‘Cold Turkey’ – “Norman Lear’s Cold Turkey released to theaters in February of 1971.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Towering Inferno – “It took both Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox to bring The Towering Inferno to movie theaters in December of 1974.”

Trailer Tuesday: Twiggy stars in ‘The Boy Friend’ – “Ken Russell’s film version of Sandy Wilson’s musical, The Boy Friend, released to theaters in December of 1971.”

40th Anniversary of The Godfather – “Francis Ford Coppola’s epic released on March 15th, 1972.”

Trailer Tuesday: Big Bad Mama – “Big Bad Mama, a tale of Texas bootlegging in 1932, crashed into theaters in September of 1974.”

Trailer Tuesday: Mean Streets – “Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets made its theatrical debut in Oct. 1973.”

Star Wars Concept Artist, Ralph McQuarrie has died – “McQuarrie, the man behind the designs for Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO, died at the age of 82.”

Trailer Tuesday: Raquel Welch in Kansas City Bomber – “Enjoy Raquel Welch in Kansas City Bomber from the summer of 1972. ”

Academy Award winners of the 1970s – “Peruse this list of Oscar winners from 1970-1979.”

Trailer Tuesday: Superchick – “Let’s enjoy a B-movie from 1973 enthusiastically-entitled Superchick.”

Trailer Tuesday: Trouble Man – “Say what you will about the film, the trailer has some of the best narration to ever grace a movie screen.”

Trailer Tuesday: Starcrash – “Starcrash, was written and directed by Luigi Cozzi and first graced movie screens in December of 1978.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Wanderers – “Grab a look-see at the other urban gang pic from 1979, The Wanderers.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Warriors – “Walter Hill’s The Warriors was released in February of 1979 and made a deep impression on teens and pre-teens across the nation.”

Trailer Tuesday: Earthquake – “Earthquake was chock full o’ screen stars and released in November of 1974.”

Trailer Tuesday: High Anxiety – “High Anxiety riffs on various Alfred Hitchcock suspense and horror films and many laughs can be enjoyed in this parody.”

Trailer Tuesday: Apocalypse Now – “Director Francis Ford Coppola released Apocalypse Now in August of 1979 after a long, troubled shoot and editing process that ran from March, 1976 until release.”

Trailer Tuesday: Three Days of the Condor – “Audiences couldn’t get enough of the dashing Mr. Redford in the 70s and any fan of film thrillers will want to fire this one up.”

Trailer Tuesday: Disney’s The Cat From Outer Space – “This spot from the Summer of 1978 provides a look at Disney’s The Cat From Outer Space.”

Rare Harrison Ford Star Wars Interview, 1977 – “Here’s a great five minute interview with Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, in 1977.”

Trailer Tuesday: Car Wash – “Car Wash was released 35 years ago (almost to the day) on October 22, 1976.”

Trailer Tuesday: The Doberman Gang – “The Doberman Gang was released on March 29th, 1973.”

Trailer Tuesday: Dog Day Afternoon – “The film garnered excellent reviews and was based on a LIFE Magazine article describing a Brooklyn bank robbery in 1972.”

Trailer Tuesday: Ron Howard’s Grand Theft Auto – “Ron Howard’s directorial debut Grand Theft Auto. A great many cars lost their lives in this 70s chase pic.”

TV Time: Star Wars Re-Release 1978 – “As much as I adore the film I must admit it does look a bit ancient around the edges in this classic commercial.”

Trailer Tuesday: John Wayne, ‘The Cowboys’ – “Today, we feature Wayne once again in Mark Rydell’s The Cowboys from January, 1972.”

Trailer Tuesday: Rollerball (’75) – “The movie, released on June 25th, 1975, imagines our world in 2018 (not far off now.)”

Trailer Tuesday: John Wayne, ‘The Shootist’ – “35 years ago in August, 1976 John Wayne’s The Shootist was released.”

Trailer Tuesday: Death Race 2000 – “Death Race 2000 released in April, 1975 and was produced by Roger Corman, directed by Paul Bartel and starred David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone.”

Trailer Tuesday: Dirty Mary Crazy Larry – “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry from 1974.”

Trailer Tuesday: Doc Savage: Man of Bronze – “Doc Savage: Man of Bronze starred Tarzan’s Ron Ely and hit theaters in June of 1975. ”

Trailer Tuesday: Woody Allen’s ‘Bananas’ (’71) – “Sit back and take in the theatrical trailer for Woody Allen’s Bananas which was released in April of 1971.”

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes Trailer (’72) – “Conquest was the fourth Apes film (a follow-up to Escape from the Planet of the Apes) and starred Roddy McDowall, Don Murray, Natalie Trundy and Ricardo Montalban. ”

Race With the Devil Movie Trailer (’75) – “On tap today we have a thriller from 1975. Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Swit and Lara Parker in Race With the Devil.”

Classic Car Chase: The Seven-Ups (1973) – “Action, burning rubber, New York in 1973. What’s not to love?”

Taxi Driver Movie Trailer (1976) – “Nominated for four Academy Awards and winner of the Palme d’Or at the ’76 Cannes Film Festival – Taxi Driver is a true classic that we’ll still be watching and discussing come 2076.”

June 20, 1975: Jaws Released, Beaches Empty – “36 years ago today Steven Spielberg’s Jaws was released to theaters across America on June 20th, 1975.”

Viva Knievel! Movie Trailer (1977) – “Holy Moley! You have got to find three minutes in your busy day to watch this trailer for Evel Knievel’s 1977′s motion picture ‘Viva Knievel!’, aka “The excitement picture of the year”. ”

Movie Watching: April 15th, 1973, Soylent Green and More – “Let’s say you’ve got the urge to catch a flick tonight. It’s April 15th…..uh, 1973. Am I right? Let’s take a look at some of the movies you might head out to see this evening at the local cinema. Grab your long leather coat and bring at least $1.65 x 2 for a pair of tickets. This is gonna be fun.”

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