Rad Ads: Fancy Fashion (’78)

Today, we revisit some fanciful magazine ads from 1978 featuring fashion-forward fabrics; polyester and fur. After looking at this collection you’ll find yourself hankering for a nice fur-lined jogging ensemble. Hmmm, that had to have been created. I must find photographic proof.

These punch-face shirts are for freakin' hard men. No sissypants fluffy poos allowed! Also, they're highly-washable.

George Zessi and his special lady friend (there so much history behind this photo...in my mind)

You know these ladies are interested in that dapper chap by the way they avoid his gaze

If polyester was this fun, damnit, we'd still be wearing it!

These two Virgin Islands honeymooners must really love eachother (yep, 'cause they refuse to look at one another)

Eastman's famous Kodafill polyester filling. What do you mean you've never heard of it?!

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