Rad Ads: Life Magazine, October, 1972

Put on your diamond-studded spectacles – it’s “Rad Ad” time.

Flipping through the October 13, 1972 issue of Life Magazine we come across a number of charming, strange and frightening advertisements that deserve deep investigation. Grab a look-see! (Click on any ad to enlarge and scan through all with ease.)

Winston Fancy Pants! I need these immediately. I don't smoke - but these are smokin' hot!

The great Buddy Hackett wants you to buy an Aladdin thermos

Swinging salmon flares alert!

Radioactivity. Who knew it was so good for you?

Now there's a friendly looking fellow

Underwhelmed. There's a unique advertising angle.

I'm surprised that rust-colored appliance isn't pale yellow or avacado green. They went for choice #3.

Nice Kaftan and turtleneck combo!

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