Outta Sites: 70s stories from the Web

There’s always a number of worthy 1970s-related stories poking around the Web at any given time. The problem is tracking them down quickly when you need a hearty dose of nostalgia. With that in mind – let me direct you to a trio of slightly wonderful stories which have popped up in recent days. I’ll have to make this a regular feature for the benefit of us all.

CollectingCandy.com – 1975 Photo Hunt

'Who can take the sunrise?...' (photo from CollectingCandy.com)

First up, we have CollectingCandy.com who have uncovered a two-page article from a 1975 candy trade magazine. The site’s Jason Liebig takes us on a candy-covered photo hunt pointing out the long-lost goodies and wrapper variations. White Starburst packages? Candy Pennies? Even with the extreme amount of candy I consumed in the 70s I had forgotten about those. Explore it.

Plaid Stallions – Vintage Toy Store Pics

Heroes in Action display, 1970s. Want..these...

Next up, we have the always-interesting and funny Plaid Stallions with an extensive collection of Vintage Toy Store Pictures. It’s a lot of fun letting your eyes search through these images of long-gone toys in pristine condition. I’m partial to the Star Wars items and the Heroes In Action soldiers. I had a good number of those back in ’75-’77. Window shop.

A Geek’s First Journal – Straight Outta ’74

A Geek's First Journal - keepin' it real since '74

Lastly, I’ll remind you (or clue you in) to the fact that BookSteve continues to post authentic (and achingly-honest) 70s diary entries at his 1974 A Geek’s First Journal site. Hop on over daily for a blast from the past featuring young Steve’s Linda Blair obsession and documentation of the films he sees and comics he purchases. Read it.

1974 A Geek’s Journal Quote:

“Sunday, May 26th, 1974
I saw Mike Oldfield do TUBULAR BELLS on TV.

I finally wrote the penpal letter. It’s been almost three months since I heard from the other one.

I entered a NATIONAL ENQUIRER contest where they grant your wish. I wished to meet Linda Blair. In case that doesn’t work, I also wrote to find out her address. (I also asked if they knew who was going to play on PLANET OF THE APES on TV this fall.) All day long I’ve been thinking about Linda Blair. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever did meet her. I now have almost 40 different photos of her, though, and I still intend to see her movie eventually.

I saw on TV a Laurel and Hardy short and a special called MAGICAL MYSTERY TRIP THROUGH LITTLE RED’S HEAD. I was really attracted to the show. I don’t know why.”

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