Funshine Friday: Bailey’s Comets

“They’re all out there racin’…roller skatin’ “

DePatie-Freleng produced 32 episodes of Bailey’s Comets and they originally aired on CBS, September, 1973 through 1974. The series ran again in re-runs through 1975. Bailey’s Comets is similar to the eternal competition of Wacky Races, only this time the focus is on worldwide roller skating teams and the prize is a million dollars. The Comets in question are a team of teenagers with names like Candy, Sarge, Wheelie and Bunny.

Ladies & Gentlemen – your Bailey’s Comets!

I’m sorry to say that this cartoon left no impression in my brain pan. I have no recollection of watching it – despite being a kid glued to the TV for the majority of 1973-’75. I must have been enjoying shows running on other channels. In fact, our old TV used to have reception trouble with CBS (even though the studios -Television City – were located just down the street). That may have been a deterrent. Your mileage may differ.

Bailey’s Comets Intro

Bailey’s Comets Outro

Bailey’s Comets Wiki, IMDb

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