Brady Bunch Moments: Greg’s Thanksgiving movie

‘Our Pilgrim Fathers’ aka ‘Through Hardship To Freedom’ written, produced and directed by Gregory Brady. Music direction and narration by Gregory Brady
‘The Brady Bunch,’ 1970

On this day-before-Thanksgiving Brady Bunch Moments we turn to our favorite family and their seasonally-relevant episode. In season two‘s “The Un-Underground Movie,” which originally aired October 16, 1970, we watch Greg’s homemade film entitled Our Pilgrim Fathers.

Capt. Jones of The Mayflower takes an imaginary arrow to the hambone
‘The Brady Bunch,’ 1970

Watch Greg’s cinematic masterpiece in its entirety below. You’ll especially enjoy the dramatic slo-mo “Special Effects” just “like in those real ‘arty’ movies.”

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And as an added holiday treat – here’s another BBM from a few months back that’s been getting a ton of search-engine hits the past two weeks: Alice’s Thanksgiving moustache

Brady Bunch Moments: Alice’s Thanksgiving moustache
Originally posted on August 5, 2012 by David Moore

The Bradys pause to mock Alice during the filming of Greg’s docudrama, ‘Our Pilgrim Fathers,’ October, 1970

On this mesmerizing edition of “Brady Bunch Moments” – filming for Greg’s Thanksgiving school project is going well despite problems with his (over) actors and some unexpected wardrobe malfunctions.

Click below to enjoy this two-minute clip from “The Un-Underground Movie” episode which originally aired during the second season of The Brady Bunch on October 16, 1970.

Just because…

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