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Herschel Bernardi is 'Arnie,' CBS, 1971

Herschel Bernardi is ‘Arnie,’ CBS, 1971

Arnie is a lesser-known situation comedy that ran for two seasons on CBS, from September, 1970 to September, 1972. 48 episodes were produced and they starred Herschel Bernardi (d. 1986) as Arnie Nuvo, a faithful rank-and-file employee suddenly promoted to executive status at the Continental Flange Company.

Up until a few days ago, I hadn’t heard of this short-lived series (I was too young during its initial run and never saw any reruns) but after watching an episode I’ve become a fan. The show is charming and much of the comedy stems from easy-going Arnie gently clashing with the company’s wealthy and well-meaning boss, Hamilton Majors. Majors is played with scene-stealing panache by Roger Bowen, who you may remember as Col. Henry Blake in the film M*A*S*H* (1970).

Herschel Bernardi (Arnie) and Roger Bowen (Hamilton Majors)

Herschel Bernardi (Arnie) and Roger Bowen (Hamilton Majors)

Arnie’s wife is portrayed by the sexy and funny Sue Ane Langdon. Del Russel and Stephanie Steele play Arnie’s teenaged kids, Richard and Andrea. In an unsuccessful attempt to boost flagging ratings, Charles Nelson Reilly was added to the cast in 1972. It’s a shame Arnie didn’t last another season or two and hasn’t been made more widely available. Catch a compilation of the show’s intros below.

Arnie TV Intros (Pilot, Seasons One & Two), 1970-71

Arnie Wiki, IMDb

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