Funshine Friday: ‘A Doonesbury Special’ (1977)

Knights of the commune roundtable ('A Doonesbury Special,' 1977)

Knights of the commune roundtable (‘A Doonesbury Special,’ 1977)

Welcome to the almost-weekend. It’s Funshine Friday time and today we jolt your memories by presenting in its entirety, A Doonesbury Special.

BD and Zonker - the huddle's Yin & Yang ('A Doonesbury Special,' 1977)

BD and Zonker – the huddle’s Yin & Yang (‘A Doonesbury Special,’ 1977)

A Doonesbury Special originally aired on NBC on November 27th, 1977. This 25-minute animated version of the famed comic strip was written by its creator, Garry Trudeau and directed by Trudeau along with John and Faith Hubley (The Electric Company).

Here’s a Wikipedia chunk on the special:

“In 1977, Trudeau wrote a script for a 26-minute animated special. A Doonesbury Special was produced and directed by Trudeau, along with John Hubley (who died during the storyboarding stage)[4] and Faith Hubley. The Special was first broadcast by NBC on November 27, 1977. It won a Special Jury Award at the Cannes International Film Festival for best short film, and received an Academy Award nomination (for best animated short film), both in 1978.[4] Voice actors for the special included Barbara Harris, William Sloane Coffin, Jr., Jack Gilford and Will Jordan. Also included were two songs ‘sung’ by the character Jimmy Thudpucker (actually actor/singer/songwriter/producer James Allen ‘Jimmy’ Brewer), entitled ‘Stop in the Middle’ and ‘I Do Believe’, also part of the ‘Special’.”

I was a huge Doonesbury fan as a kid and watched this at age 11 when it first aired. I hadn’t seen it again (until I re-watched it today) in over three decades. Rejoin Zonker, Mike and friends and refresh your humor bone below.

‘A Doonesbury Special,’ 1977

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