Adam-12. The Brady Bunch. Chico and the Man. Emergency! All in the Family. Maude. The Jeffersons. Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

The list is extensive. From the depths of cheese to the heights of ground-breaking, taboo-smashing drama. It’s all present and accounted for in the 1970s. How did we get so much from so few channels and bad reception?

Daily 70s Spot: Polaroid ‘Polavision Instant Movies’ (1978)

Daily 70s Spot: Colt 45 Malt Liquor ‘Sherwood Forest’ (1970)

Daily 70s Spot: Colt 45 Malt Liquor ‘Bullfight’ (1970)

Funshine Friday: ‘Battle Of The Planets’ (1978)

Daily 70s Spot: Panasonic Clocks & Radios (1972)

Daily 70s Spot: E.F. Hutton ‘Airport’ (1978)

Daily 70s Spot: Spalding Running Shoes With Terry Bradshaw (1979)

Daily 70s Spot #200: Scholl Exercise Sandals (1977)

Daily 70s Spot: Old Style Beer (1979)

Daily 70s Spot: Montgomery Ward TV Set (1975)

Daily 70s Spot: Ford’s ’73 Lincoln Continentals (1972)

Funshine Friday: ‘Sealab 2020′ (1972)

Daily 70s Spot: Roi-Tan Falcon Cigars (1971)

Daily 70s Spot: Chevrolet With Jerry Orbach (1977)

Daily 70s Spot: Edge Shaving Gel (1972)

Daily 70s Spot: Command Dry & Natural Hairspray (1971)

Daily 70s Spot: Tuborg Gold Beer ‘Tennis Vikings’ (1978)

Daily 70s Spot: Volkswagen Dasher (1979)

Daily 70s Spot: ‘Winterhawk’ Movie – TV Promo (1975)

Funshine Friday: ‘Korg: 70,000 B.C.’ (1974)

Daily 70s Spot: Shell Super Regular Gasoline (1972)

Brady Bunch Moments: Mike’s Kitchen Fiasco (1970)

Daily 70s Spot: Budweiser Beer, ‘When Do You Say Bud?’ (1977)

Daily 70s Spot: Chevy ‘National Economy Drive’ (1979)

Daily 70s Spot: JCPenney ‘Groovy Leather Jacket Gal’ (1972)

Daily 70s Spot: Genesee Beer ‘Henley, England’ (1978)

Daily 70s Spot: Cheerios Animated Blackboard Stick Figure #2 (1978)

Daily 70s Spot: Cheerios Animated Blackboard Stick Figure #1 (1978)

Funshine Friday: ‘A Doonesbury Special’ (1977)

Daily 70s Spot: Aurora ‘Red Dunes – Sand Vans’ Model Race Cars (1972)

Daily 70s Spot: Bird’s Eye Wisconsin Style Vegetables (1975)

Daily 70s Spot: Dutch Masters President Cigars (1978)

Daily 70s Spot: Skittle Baseball With Don Adams (1972)

Daily 70s Spot: Schlitz Beer ‘Tuna Fisherman’ (1971)

Daily 70s Spot (Bicentennial Week): Summer Olympics ABC ‘Track & Field’ Promo (1976)

Daily 70s Spot (Bicentennial Week): Summer Olympics ABC ‘Swimming’ Promo (1976)

Funshine Friday (Bicentennial Week): Mind-Blowing Bicentennial Cartoon, ‘200’ (1975)

Daily 70s Spot (Bicentennial Week): ‘Monday Night Baseball’ Phillies Vs. Dodgers ABC Promo (1976)

Daily 70s Spot (Bicentennial Week): ‘The New Land,’ ‘ABC Sunday Movie’ Promo (1976)

Daily 70s Spot (Bicentennial Week): ABC Political Conventions Promo With Harry Reasoner (1976)

Daily 70s Spot (Bicentennial Week): Bufferin Aspirin ‘Mother’ (1976)

Daily 70s Spot (Bicentennial Week): Rally Car Wax ‘Oh, Really?’ (1976)

Daily 70s Spot: Magnavox ‘Total Automatic Color’ TVs (Early 1970s) – “70s-era Magnavox TAC.”

Daily 70s Spot: Buick Opel 1900s (1970) – “November of 1970.”

Funshine Friday: ‘The Kids from: C.A.P.E.R.’ (1976) – “Saturday mornings on NBC.”

Daily 70s Spot: New York Life (1972) – “January 1st, 1972.”

Show Toppers: ‘Lou Grant’ (1977) – “Stars Ed Asner.”

Daily 70s Spot: Firestone Tires ‘Dangerous Ice’ (1970) – “November of 1970.”

A Johnny Carson Moment: Burt Reynolds’ whipped cream incident (1974) – “Airdate: September 26, 1974.”

Daily 70s Spot: General Electric ‘Best Products’ (1975) – “America knows Best.”

Daily 70s Spot: Joy liquid starring Bob from ‘Sesame Street’ (1977) – “Cleans down to the shine.”

Daily 70s Spot: Fram oil filter ‘Junkyard’ (1977) – “July of 1977.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘Starsky & Hutch’ ABC promo (1975) – “Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.”

Daily 70s Spot: Cycle 3 dog food (1976) – “July of 1976.”

Funshine Friday: ‘Super Chicken’: ‘Merlin Brando’ cartoon (1970s reruns) – “Jay Ward-produced hero.”

Daily 70s Spot: Kool-Aid ‘Pirates’ (1978) – “Hey, Kool-Aid!!”

Daily 70s Spot: Orkin pest control (1979) – “We’re No.1. We get the job done.”

Daily 70s Spot: Allstate Insurance (1972) – “January of 1972.”

Daily 70s Spot: Goodyear Tiempo Tires (1978) – “Tiempo does it all.”

Daily 70s Spot: Chevrolet Chevelle (1972) – “Building a better way to see the USA.”

Daily 70s Spot: 7-Up, ‘Her First Uncola’ (1970) – “November of 1970.”

Daily 70s Spot: Kenner’s ‘Baby Heartbeat’ doll (1978) – “Aired in 1978.”

Funshine Friday: ‘Tom Slick’: ‘The Bad Year Blimp’ (1970s reruns) – “A complete episode.”

Daily 70s Spot: Dep hair styling gel (1977) – “A fabulous ‘English’ hairdresser.”

Daily 70s Spot: Lone Star Beer (1972) – “January of 1972.”

Daily 70s Spot: Michelob beer, ‘unexpected pleasure’ (1974) – “Camping and fishing theme.”

Daily 70s Spot: Blitz-Weinhard beer (early 1970s) – “A skiing theme.”

Daily 70s Spot: American Express ‘US Treasurer’ (1978) – “Francine Neff.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘Walking Tall Part 2′ (1975) – “A 70s muscle car is torn apart.”

Daily 70s Spot: Ford Galaxie 500 (1972) – “January of 1972.”

Funshine Friday: ‘The Muppet Show,’ Vincent Price & The Swedish Chef (1977) – “Two short and sassy clips.”

Daily 70s Spot: Coca-Cola ‘It’s the Real Thing’ (1970) – “November of 1970.”

Daily 70s Spot: JCPenney ‘Super Denims’ robot (1975) – “August of 1975.”

Daily 70s Spot: John Hancock Insurance (animated, 1971) – “April of 1971.”

Daily 70s Spot: Chevy Vega ‘Death Valley’ (1975) – “Built to take it.”

Daily 70s Spot: Bausch & Lomb ‘Soflens’ (1977) – “Aired in 1977.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘The American Sportsman’ ABC promo (1972) – “January 1st, 1972.”

Daily 70s Spot: Betty White for Spray ‘n Wash (1976) – “July of 1976.”

Funshine Friday: ‘Sesame Street,’ ‘The People in Your Neighborhood’ (1971) – “Originally aired November 8, 1971.”

Daily 70s Spot: Andeker Beer (1978) – “The most expensive taste in beer.”

Show Toppers: ‘Baretta’ (1975) – “Ran on ABC from January, 1975 to June, 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: Avon ‘Tempo’ fragrance (1978) – “With Avon – you’ve never felt so good.”

Daily 70s Spot: Clorox Bleach ‘clean sneakers’ (late 1970s) – “I’ll give you $50.00 for those sneakers.”

Daily 70s Spot: Bill Russell for long distance telephone (1975) – “Celtics basketball great.”

Daily 70s Spot: Holiday Inn (1972) – “The most accommodating people in the world.”

Daily 70s Spot: Hanes ‘Invisible Man’ (1977) – “So comfortable you forget you have it on.”

Funshine Friday: The Ant and the Aardvark, ‘Ants in the Pantry’ (1970) – “Debut in June of 1970.”

Daily 70s Spot: Datsun ‘Lil’ Hustler’ pickup (1975) – “America’s No.1-selling small truck.”

Show Toppers: ‘Struck by Lightning’ (1979) – “Frank (aka Frankenstein), played by Jack Elam.”

Daily 70s Spot: Ivory Soap (early 1970s) – “Get down to basics with Ivory.”

Daily 70s Spot: Eckerd Drugs for Kodak film (1979) – “Twice the prints. Twice the film.”

Daily 70s Spot: Ford Thunderbird (1977) – “When America needs a better idea – Ford puts it on wheels.”

Daily 70s Spot: Remington System Shaver (1975) – “The Remington Systems. One is right for you.”

Daily 70s Spot: STP ‘lemon car’ (1972) – “STP ‘Double Power’ Gasoline Treatment.”

Daily 70s Spot: Bufferin Aspirin ‘see-through bodies’ (1971) – “April of 1971.”

Funshine Friday: ‘Jason of Star Command’ (1978) – “First aired in September of 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: Wispride Cheddar Cheese (1975) – “Made with aged cheddar and a lot of pride.”

Show Toppers: ‘Hawaii Five-O’ (1970s) – “Ran on CBS from September, 1968 through April of 1980.”

Daily 70s Spot: Sid Caesar for Crista Bella Wine (1978) – “For all your happy hours.”

Daily 70s Spot: Levi’s dacron polyester (animated, 1970) – “One of those magical animated commercials.”

A Johnny Carson Moment: Surprise dance with Ginger Rogers (1976) – “February of 1976.”

Daily 70s Spot: Smokehouse Almonds (1978) – “The snack you know makes good sense.”

Daily 70s Spot: American Sound Stereo (1975) – “Hip, 1970s spokesman.”

Daily 70s Spot: Crisco Cooking Oil (1978) – “Aired in May of 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: Tetley Tea (USA, 1978) – “I like those tiny little tea leaves in Tetley Tea.”

Funshine Friday: ‘Magic Mongo’ (1977) – “Starred Lennie Weinrib, voice of H.R. Pufnstuf.”

Daily 70s Spot: Spoon Size Shredded Wheat cereal (1972) – “What could be more natural?”

Daily 70s Spot: Aladdin’s Stanley Thermos (1978) – “Some kinda tough thermos bottle.”

Daily 70s Spot: Porsche 924 (1979) – “Aired in October of 1979.”

Daily 70s Spot: Joe DiMaggio for Mr. Coffee (1975) – ” ‘Joltin’ Joe’ DiMaggio of the New York Yankees.”

Daily 70s Spot: Coca-Cola ‘Seasons’ commercial (1970) – “It’s the real thing. Coke.”

Daily 70s Spot: The O’Jays, ‘So Full of Love’ promo (1978) – “Platinum-seller featuring ‘Use ta Be My Girl.'”

Daily 70s Spot: Gary Burghoff for HiHo Crackers (1977) – “Gary Burghoff of M*A*S*H* fame.”

Funshine Friday: The Pink Panther, ‘Pink Campaign’ (1975) – “A revenge tale from 1975.”

Daily 70s Spot: Gremlin by American Motors Corporation (1970) – “Humorous commercial for American Motors’ Gremlin.”

Show Toppers: ‘The New Dick Van Dyke Show’ (1971) – “Ran on CBS from September, 1971 to September, 1974.”

Daily 70s Spot: Aurora AFX Model Race Cars (1971) – “Aurora. We’re for real.”

Daily 70s Spot: Wang Computers (1977) – “Nobody’s hungrier than Wang.”

Daily 70s Spot: Pabst Blue Ribbon beer brewery (1975) – “Since 1844 – the quality has always come through.”

Daily 70s Spot: Alberto Balsam Light & Fresh Shampoo (1977) – “Where there is hair – let there be Light.”

Daily 70s Spot: Wilt Chamberlain for Volkswagen Rabbit (1979) – “Volkswagen does it – again!”

Daily 70s Spot: Schick razors commercial with Donny Most (1972) – “Don ‘Ralph Malph’ Most of Happy Days fame.”

Funshine Friday Holiday Special: ‘It’s Arbor Day, Charlie Brown!’ (1976) – “Aired in March ’76.”

Daily 70s Spot: Roger Staubach Anti-Drugs PSA (1972) – “January ’72, Staubach was the MVP for Super Bowl VI.”

Show Toppers: ‘Turnabout’ (1979) – “Starred John Schuck (Holmes & YoYo) and Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey).”

Daily 70s Spot: Magic Johnson for 7-Up (1979) – “America is turnin’ 7-Up!”

Daily 70s Spot: John Ritter for Listerine (1976) – “More than a mouthwash.”

Daily 70s Spot: Johnny Bench for Gillette (1970) – “Bench selling Gillette Platinum Blades.”

Daily 70s Spot: Tom Selleck for Close-Up toothpaste (1977) – “Put your money where your mouth is.”

Daily 70s Spot #100: Budweiser ‘When do you say Bud?’ (1977) – “Aired in July of 1977.”

Daily 70s Spot: Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter (1976) – “The peanut butter with more peanuts.”

Funshine Friday: ‘These Are the Days’ (animated series, 1974) – “One of the few serious cartoons created by HB.”

Daily 70s Spot: Tuborg Gold beer ‘Danish Kings’ (1977) – “Aired in December ’77. Skål!”

Show Toppers: Mark Hamill in ‘The Texas Wheelers’ (1974) – “Ran on ABC from September, 1974 to July, 1975.”

Daily 70s Spot: Susan Anton for Muriel Cigars (1978) – “Nobody wants to smoke second best.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Joe Namath Drops In – “First aired September 21, 1973.”

Daily 70s Spot: Tijuana Smalls cigars (1972) – “10 small cigars. 10 for the road.”

Daily 70s Spot: Yellow Pages with animated mascot (1979) – “Let the Yellow Pages do your talking.”

Daily 70s Spot: Volkswagen Rabbit (1976) – “The best car in the world for under $3,500.”

Daily 70s Spot: Tupperware Commercial (1972) – “Lock in freshness.”

Daily 70s Spot: Wish-Bone Italian Dressing (1978) – “America’s favorite Italian salad dressing.”

Funshine Friday: Harry Nilsson’s ‘The Point!’ (animated version, 1971) – “Original version with narration by Dustin Hoffman.”

Daily 70s Spot: Publishers Clearing House ‘125k winners’ (1977) – “Featuring an elderly couple winning $125k.”

Show Toppers: Barbi Benton in ‘Sugar Time!’ (1977) – “Ran on ABC in August and September, 1977.”

Daily 70s Spot: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (1972) – “You got peanut butter on my chocolate!”

A Johnny Carson Moment: Jay Leno’s first appearance (1977) – “March 2nd, 1977. Leno on The Tonight Show.”

Daily 70s Spot: Sprite ‘Lymon country hoedown’ (1977) – “Lymon – that freakish, magical mix of lemon and lime.”

Daily 70s Spot: Tic Tac ‘mouth whack’ (1977) – “There’s only one Tic Tac. The original mouth whack.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘The FBI’ ABC promo (1972) – “Efrem Zimbalist Jr. stars in ‘The FBI.’”

Daily 70s Spot: Pepsi ‘Live!’ (1973) – “You’ve got a lot to live – and Pepsi’s got a lot to give.”

Daily 70s Spot: Poulan Chainsaws (1978) – “Spot aired in November of 1978.”

Funshine Friday: ‘The Pink Panther,’ ‘Pinky Doodle’ cartoon (1976) – “Aired in May of 1976.”

Daily 70s Spot: Time Magazine (1977) – “Stories on Charlie’s Angels, Jimmy Carter, hockey and more.”

Show Toppers: ‘The American Girls’ (1978) – “Hour-long drama about TV news magazine reporters.”

Daily 70s Spot: Rolaids ‘Spells Relief’ Commercial (1976) – “How do you spell relief?”

Daily 70s Spot: Care*Free Sugarless Gum ‘Ben Franklin’ (late 70s) – “Get more gum with Care*Free. 32% more.”

Daily 70s Spot: Chevrolet Concours (Late 70s) – “Shows off the vehicle during a European tour.”

Daily 70s Spot: Erlanger Beer Commercial (1979) – “Come and taste the moment – Erlanger.”

Holiday Memories: ‘It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown’ (1974) – “Made its debut on CBS in April of 1974.”

Daily 70s Spot: JCPenney Portable Color TV (1972) – “Aired in November of 1972.”

Daily 70s Spot: Mrs. Butterworth’s (1975) – “See how long it takes Mrs. Butterworth’s to drip down this stack?”

Funshine Friday: ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ (animated series, 1972) – “Originally aired on NBC, September 1972.”

Daily 70s Spot: Nestea Plunge ‘Road Worker’ (1976) – “Nestea Instant Iced Tea featuring the ‘Nestea Plunge’ campaign.”

Show Toppers: ‘Delta House’ (1979) – “Based on the movie Animal House.”

Daily 70s Spot: Poppin’ Fresh Pillsbury Doughboy Commercial (1972) – “Say ‘Hello’ to Poppin’ Fresh dough!”

Partridge Pop: ‘Money Money’ (1974) – “Aired February 2, 1974.”

Daily 70s Spot: Ford Fairmont Futura (1978) – “Aired in May of 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘The Merv Griffin Show’ (1977) – “Roger ‘James Bond’ Moore, The cast of The Wiz.”

Daily 70s Spot: Black Tie men’s cologne (1975) – “A gentleman knows how to keep her satisfied.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘Apocalypse Now’ TV promo (1979) – “The most eagerly-awaited motion picture of all time.”

Daily 70s Spot: Golden Grahams cereal (late 1970s) – “Oh, those Golden Grahams!”

Funshine Friday: Hanna-Barbera’s ‘Laff-A-Lympics’ – “First appeared on ABC in September, 1977.”

Daily 70s Spot: Sugar Free Fresca ‘Wow!’ Commercial (1977) -“Sweetened with saccharin.”

Show Toppers: Mel Brooks’ ‘When Things Were Rotten’ (1975) – “Ran on ABC from September to December, 1975.”

Daily 70s Spot: Norm Crosby for Natural Light Beer (1978) – “Featuring comedian Norm Crosby.”

Daily 70s Spot: McDonald’s ‘family of four’ commercial (1972) – “Feed a family of four for under $4.00.”

Daily 70s Spot: Harveys Bristol Cream (1974) – “Joan Van Ark of Dallas & Knots Landing.”

Daily 70s Spot: Kal Kan dog food (1978) – “It’s meat made complete.”

Daily 70s Spot: Coca-Cola ‘Marina’ commercial (1977) – “Appearance by Alan “Skipper” Hale Jr. of ‘Gilligan’s Island’?”

Daily 70s Spot: Chevy Vega commercial (1972) – “Cutaway, inside look at the lush and sturdy Chevy Vega.”

Funshine Friday: ‘Saturday Morning Sneak Peek’ (ABC, 1973) – “Hosted by comic duo, Jack Burns and Avery Schreiber.”

Daily 70s Spot: Farrah Fawcett for President’s First Lady Health Clubs (1977) – “Watch Farrah work-out in a fancy pink leotard.”

Show Toppers: ‘The Jimmy Stewart Show’ (1971) – “Ran on NBC from September, 1971 to August, 1972.”

Daily 70s Spot: JCPenney Men’s Shoes Commercial (1972) – “Actor is Jerry Lacy, a regular on TV’s Dark Shadows.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘The San Pedro Beach Bums’/’Charlie’s Angles’ promo (1977) – “Fall 1977, promotes cross-over appearance by Charlie’s Angels.”

Daily 70s Spot: Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barber & Beauty Shop (1978) – “Sit right down. Crank up the chair.”

Daily 70s Spot: Mickey Mantle for NP27 Foot Spray (1975) – “Hall-of-Famer Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees.”

Daily 70s Spot: Digger the Dog (1978) – “Romper Room’s Digger the Dog toy.”

Daily 70s Spot: Brim Coffee (1973) – “Aired in February of 1973.”

Funshine Friday: ‘The Ghost Busters’ (1975) – “These three ne’er-do-wells were the first ‘Ghost Busters.'”

Daily 70s Spot: Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing (late 1970s) – “Actress playing ‘Edith’ makes the spot enjoyable.”

Show Toppers: ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ – “Ran on CBS from September, 1972 to April, 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: Star Wars Large Size Action Figures (1978) – “Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Chewbacca.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Jan’s majorette blunder – “Bumbling Jan is shown how to properly twirl a baton.”

Daily 70s Spot: Pro Bowlers Tour ABC promo (1972) – “Aired New Year’s Day, 1972.”

Daily 70s Spot: Colt 45 malt liquor (1978) – “Foxy gal sings and shoots laser beams out of her fingers.”

Daily 70s Spot: Pringles Potato Chips (1973) – “Aired in February of 1973.”

Daily 70s Spot: Kodak Film (1975) – “Pre-paid processing mailers for color prints.”

Daily 70s Spot: Carol Channing for American Express (1977) – “Broadway star Channing for AMEX.”

Funshine Friday: ‘The Ant and the Aardvark’ – ‘Don’t Hustle An Ant With Muscle’ – “Complete cartoon, 1970.”

Daily 70s Spot: Bob Hope for Texaco ‘Stockholders’ (1978) – “Hope presenting a cross-section of stockholders for Texaco Oil.”

Show Toppers: The Rookies – “First hit TV screens as an ABC Movie of the Week in the spring of 1972.”

Daily 70s Spot: Pepto-Bismol commercial (1972) – “Belly-coating commercial aired in August of 1972.”

A Johnny Carson Moment: Andy Kaufman’s Elvis transformation – “1977. The hilarious and bizarre Andy Kaufman.”

Daily 70s Spot: RC Cola ‘Skater Girl’ (1978) – “Featuring a pizza delivery gal on a skateboard.”

Daily 70s Spot: Qantas Airlines Koala Mascot (1972) – “I hate Qantas.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘Chuck Barris Rah Rah Show’ NBC Promo (1978) – “Eclectic variety show that ran for six, short weeks.”

Daily 70s Spot: Ted Knight for Southgate USA Mall (1978) – “Commercial aired in May of 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: Winnebago ‘Spring Rally’ (1973) – “The new line-up of Winnebago RVs for 1973.”

Funshine Friday: Far Out Space Nuts – “Bob Denver (Gilligan’s Island) and Chuck McCann as pea-brained NASA maintenance workers.”

Daily 70s Spot: Running/Jogging promo (1978) – “Produced by The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.”

Show Toppers: The Fantastic Journey (1977) – “Ran on NBC from February to June, 1977.”

Daily 70s Spot: Peter Graves for Natural Light Beer (1978) – ” Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible) for Anheuser-Busch’s Natural Light.”

Daily 70s Spot: Pepsi Challenge at Tulane University (1977) – “Filmed at Tulane University in Louisiana.”

Daily 70s Spot: Don Adams & Penny Marshall for Hertz Rent-a-Car (1971) – “An unexpected pairing of celebrities.”

Daily 70s Spot: Indy ’70 Sears DieHard Battery commercial (1971) – “Shows off the 1970 Indianapolis race.”

Daily 70s Spot: Munchos commercial (1972) – “So different. So delicious. So doggone munchy.”

Daily 70s Spot: Ford Torino ‘Tightrope’ commercial (1972) – “’73 Ford Torino featuring high-wire specialist, Bill Couch.”

Funshine Friday: The Fantastic Four (cartoon series, 1978) -“Originally ran from September to December, 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: English Leather Cologne ‘All My Men’ Commercial (1977) – “All my men wear English Leather…or they wear nothing at all.”

Daily 70s Spot: Polaroid ‘One Step’ commercial with James Garner (1978) – “Showing off the new SX-70 film.”

A Johnny Carson Moment: Howard the talking bird (12.17.1976) – “Joan Embrey and a talking Myna bird.”

Daily 70s Spot: Mego ‘Speed Burners’ commercial (1978) – “That spring-tension motor makes ‘em move out!”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ promo (1977) – “For the theatrical re-release.”

Daily 70s Spot: Harlem Globetrotters for Vitalis (1971) – “Meadowlark Lemon and the Harlem Globetrotters for Vitalis hair tonic.”

Daily 70s Spot: Johnson & Johnson Diapers commercial with Juliet ‘Nanny’ Mills (1977) – “Juliet Mills from Nanny and the Professor for Johnson & Johnson Diapers.”

Daily 70s Spot: Downy Fabric Softener ‘April Fresh’ (1977) – “Commercial aired Christmas Eve, 1977.”

Funshine Friday: Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch – “Ran on NBC from September, 1974 to August, 1975.”

Daily 70s Spot: Folger’s Coffee ‘Mrs. Olsen’ commercial (early 1970s) – “Stephen Collins from Star Trek: The Motion Picture insulting his wife’s coffee.”

Show Toppers: The Betty White Show (1977) – “Ran on CBS from September, 1977 to January, 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: Ajax Dishwashing Liquid (1977) – “You’re gonna love the ‘new clear bottle’.”

Brady Bunch Moments: ‘It’s a Sunshine Day’ – “Classic sing-a-long first aired January 26, 1973.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘Elvis in Hollywood’ commercial (1977) – “Rock-A-Hula baby!”

Daily 70s Spot: Leslie Nielsen for Ford Motors commercial (1972) – “Nielsen wants to send you the ‘Car Buying Made Easier’ book.”

Daily 70s Spot: Ziggy cartoon glasses commercial (1978) – “Ziggy cartoon character 7-Up glasses at Kenny King’s.”

Daily 70s Spot: Bic Pens ‘Frankenstein’ commercial (1972) – “Why is Frankenstein encased in ice?”

Daily 70s Spot: Hawaiian Punch ‘Win Hawaii Sweepstakes’ commercial (Late 1970s) – “Animated duo Punchy and Opie.”

Funshine Friday: The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show – “Originally ran on ABC from 1979 to 1981.”

Daily 70s Spot: Judd Hirsch for JCPenney Polyester Slacks (1972) – “A pre-Taxi Judd Hirsch for JCPenney.”

Show Toppers: Adam-12 – “originally ran from September, 1968 to May, 1975.”

Daily 70s Spot: Pabst Blue Ribbon ‘Stunt Boats’ commercial (1977) – “A crew of hard-working stunt boat pilots.”

Daily 70s Spot: Haggar Polyester Clothing ‘Fortune Teller’ commercial (1978) – “‘Dacron Polyester’ clothing line.”

Daily 70s Spot: Maxim Coffee ‘You’ll swear it perked’ commercial (1976) – “You’ll swear it perked.”

Daily 70s Spot: Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal commercial (Late 1970s) – “Smedley and a handful of dangerous ‘Magic Tricks.'”

Partridge Pop: ‘This Is Your Life’ surprises Shirley Jones (1971) – ” Shirley Jones on her 37th birthday (March 31st).”

Daily 70s Spot: Autolite Spark Plugs ‘Army’ commercial (1977) – “July of 1977.”

Daily 70s Spot: Spider-Man for Pizzazz Magazine (1978) – “Published between 1977 and 1979.”

Funshine Friday: Jackson 5ive cartoon series – “Originally ran on ABC from September, 1971 to September of 1973.”

Daily 70s Spot: Lavoris Mouthwash commercial (1976) – “July of 1976.”

Show Toppers: The Streets of San Francisco – “Ran on ABC from September, 1972 to June of 1977.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘I Love New York’ commercial (1978) – “Ran in May, 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: Hostess ‘King Ding Dong’ commercial (1971) – “He sure looks yummy. Attack!”

Daily 70s Spot: Jif Peanut Butter, ‘Taste Test’ commercial (1977) – “Choosy mothers choose Jif.”

Daily 70s Spot: Hillbilly Bread (1978) – “May of 1978.”

Daily 70s Spot: Certs Mints ‘River Rafting’ commercial (1972) – “Certs is two…two…two mints in one!”

Daily 70s Spot: Campbell’s Chicken Noodleo’s Soup commercial (late 1970s) – “According to Pete, they’re ‘Noodle-OK!'”

Funshine Friday: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids – “Originally ran on NBC, debuting in September of 1973.”

Daily 70s Spot: Chevrolet Impala ‘See the U.S.A.’ commercial (1972) – “The ‘Building a better way to see the U.S.A.’ campaign.”

Show Toppers: The Courtship of Eddie’s Father – “Originally ran on ABC from September, 1969 to March, 1972.”

Daily 70s Spot: The Isley Brothers “Showdown” promo (1978) – “Late night promo for The Isley Brothers ‘Showdown’ album.”

Daily 70s Spot: Bell System ‘Super Switcher’ commercial (Late 70s) – “Late 1970s commercial for the computerized Bell System ‘Super Switcher’ telephone service.”

Daily 70s Spot: Western Airlines ‘Lion Tamer’ commercial (1975) – “Western Airlines. The oooonly way to fly!”

Daily 70s Spot: Wendy’s Hamburgers ‘Hot & Juicy’ campaign, ‘Cowboy’ commercial (1979) – “Featuring a cowboy and a fellow with a Pinocchio nose.”

Brady Bunch Moments: ‘Groovy Products!’ – “The family being scouted for a TV commercial by so-hip-it-hurts TV director, Skip Farnum.”

Daily 70s Spot: ‘Schick Shape’ commercial with Larry Csonka (1978) – “Miami Dolphins’ great, Larry Csonka for Schick Razors.”

Daily 70s Spot: Friskies Buffet commercial (1974) – “A line of hungry felines nudge each other away from 17 varieties of kitty gruel.”

Funshine Friday: Sabrina the Teenage Witch – “Began her animated life as part of The Archie Comedy Hour (1969-70).”

Show Toppers: Arnie – “Ran for two seasons on CBS, from September, 1970 to September, 1972.”

70s Spots (International): Jean’s West & Cherry Blossom – “70s-era TV commercials from outside of the United States.”

Funshine Friday: The New Adventures of Flash Gordon – “Aired on NBC from September, 1979 to November, 1982.”

Show Toppers: Alice – “First aired on CBS in August of 1976 and ran for nine seasons.”

70s Spots: Life Savers Candies – “A double dose of Life Savers.”

Funshine Friday: The All New Popeye Hour – “Ran on CBS from September, 1978 to September, 1981.”

Show Toppers: The Bad News Bears (TV, 1979) – “Ran Saturday evenings on CBS from March, 1979 to July of 1980.”

Brady Bunch Moments/Partridge Pop: Christmas Extravaganza – “To celebrate the day we’re blending together two segments.”

Funshine Friday: Uncle Croc’s Block – “Ran for half a season – from September, 1975 to February ’76.”

Show Toppers: Chico and the Man – “Ran for four seasons until July of 1978.”

70s Spots: Christmas commercials; Norelco, Coca-Cola, Burger King – “Holiday-themed television commercials from the 1970s.”

70s Spots: Johnny Cash for Lionel Trains – “Pair of mid-1970s spots for Lionel Trains, 1974 TV feature ‘Ridin’ the Rails.'”

Funshine Friday: Space Sentinels – “Ran Saturday mornings on NBC beginning in September of 1977.”

Show Toppers: Big John, Little John – “Originally appeared on NBC from September to December, 1976.”

Funshine Friday: The Krofft Supershow – “Ran on ABC from September, 1976 through September, 1978.”

Show Toppers: Cannon – “Aired from September, 1971 to September, 1976 on CBS.”

70s Spots: Rolo Candies – “A pair of 1970s-era TV spots.”

Funshine Friday: Devlin -“Ran on ABC from September to December of 1974.”

Show Toppers: Phyllis – “Ran for two seasons from September, 1975 to August, 1977.”

Funshine Friday: Speed Racer – “Opening and closing credits with the Trans-Lux text and old Speed Racer logo.”

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (and appreciating our pop culture) – “Memorable moments from 1973′s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Greg’s Thanksgiving movie – “Originally aired October 16, 1970.”

A Johnny Carson Moment: Frank Sinatra, Don Rickles (11.12.76) – “Watch the Hollywood shenanigans unfold.”

Funshine Friday: The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie – “Different cartoons and occasional live-action kids shows each week.”

Show Toppers: What’s Happening!! – “Ran on ABC from summer 1976 to spring 1979.”

Partridge Pop: ‘Walking in the Rain’ – “Originally aired February 2, 1973.”

Funshine Friday: Jeannie – “Cartoon ran on CBS from September through December, 1973.”

Show Toppers: Busting Loose (1977) – “1977 comedy starring Adam Arkin.”

Funshine Friday: The Houndcats – “Ran on NBC from September, to December, 1972.”

Show Toppers: Kolchak: The Night Stalker – “Ran on ABC from September, 1974 to August, 1975.”

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976) – “Are you brave enough to enjoy the full 50 minutes of horrific 1970s fun?”

Funshine Friday: The Roman Holidays – “Originally ran from September through December, 1972.”

Show Toppers: The Invisible Man (1975) – “Ran for a single season from September 8, 1975 to January 19, 1976.”

Funshine Friday: The Red Hand Gang – “Ran for one season in 1977.”

Show Toppers: Code R – “Short-lived adventure series, CBS, January to June ’77.”

Original SNL cast debut with Tom Snyder, 1975 – “The cast on The Tomorrow Show, October 4th, 1975.”

Brady Bunch Moments: ‘Trick-Shot’ Bobby – “Originally aired March 1, 1974.”

Funshine Friday: The Pink Panther, ‘Pink-In’ – “First hit screens in October, 1971.”

Show Toppers: Battlestar Galactica (1978) – “Ran for a single season from September, 1978 until April, 1979.”

Forgotten TV: Lotsa Luck, The Girl With Something Extra – “An NBC Friday night promo from 1973.”

A Johnny Carson Moment: Carnac the Magnificent (05.25.76) – “Carnac’s predictions mention Snoopy, Taxi Driver and ‘Scoop’ Jackson.”

Funshine Friday: The New Adventures of Batman – “Ran from February to May of 1977.”

Show Toppers: Charlie’s Angels – “Original intro for Charlie’s Angels first season from 1976.”

70s Spots: Right Guard, ‘Hi, Guy!’ – “Pair of spots for a campaign that ran throughout the 70s.”

Funshine Friday: I Am the Greatest: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali – “Ran for 13 episodes, September to December, 1977 on NBC.”

Show Toppers: Petrocelli – “Ran Wednesday nights on NBC from September, 1974 to March, 1976.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Dunking Alice – “Wet ‘n’ wild scene originally aired on October 15, 1971.”

Funshine Friday: The Barkleys – “Ran on NBC for 13 episodes beginning in September of 1972.”

Show Toppers: Swiss Family Robinson – “Originally ran Sunday evenings on ABC from September, 1975 to April, 1976.”

70s Spots: ‘Big Fig’ for Fig Newtons – “A pair of spots for a lovable advertising mascot of the 1970s.”

Partridge Pop: ‘Together We’re Better’ – “From the ‘Princess and the Partridge’ episode, September 29, 1972.”

Funshine Friday: CB Bears – “Hanna-Barbera’s CB Bears originally ran as a 1-hour block on NBC, September through December, 1977.”

Show Toppers: Diana Rigg in ‘Diana’ – “Short-lived TV sitcom starring Diana Rigg (The Avengers). Only 15 episodes were produced.”

70s Spots: Doritos with Avery Schreiber – “Schreiber, of the Burns and Schreiber comedy team, starred in a metric ton of commercials for Doritos.”

Funshine Friday: Bailey’s Comets – “Aired on CBS, September, 1973 through 1974.”

Show Toppers: The New Adventures of Wonder Woman – “Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and Lyle Waggoner as Major Trevor.”

The Price is Right celebrates 40 years – “Watch the first episode from September, 1972.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Bedroom battle! – “Enjoy the antagonism as the boy’s feud gets out of hand.”

70s Spots: The Carpenters – Rare Japanese commercials – “Rarely-seen spots The Carpenters made for Japanese television in the early to mid-1970s.”

Funshine Friday: The New Adventures of Gilligan – “Saturday mornings on ABC, Sept.’74.”

Show Toppers: Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (1972-74) – “It’s the Russians, Harry. The Russians!”

Funshine Friday: Baggy Pants & The Nitwits – “Originally ran Sept. through Nov. 1977.”

Show Toppers: ‘Room 222′ (1969-’74) – “ABC, Sept.’69 to Jan.’74.”

Funshine Friday: Emergency +4 – “Aired September, 1973 through 1975.”

Show Toppers: Angie (’79-’80) – “Debuted on ABC, Feb. 1979 and ran until Oct. 1980.”

Funshine Friday: Inch High, Private Eye – “Ran on NBC from Sept.’73 – Aug.’74.”

Show Toppers: McCloud (’70-’77) – “Take in the show’s intro from season six, September, 1975.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Alice’s Thanksgiving moustache – ““The Un-Underground Movie” episode from October 16, 1970.”

Funshine Friday: Mission: Magic! – “Animated Rick Springfield. Aired Sept. – Dec., 1973 on ABC.”

Show Toppers: Kojack (’73 -’78) – “Telly Savalas as the boldly bald Greek American, Lieutenant Theodore Kojak.”

70s Spots: 7-Up blowing bubbles, blowing minds – “A pair of ultra-colorful and slightly trippy 1970s-era TV commercials for 7-Up.”

Funshine Friday: The Oddball Couple – “Anthropomorphic take on The Odd Couple (’75).”

70s Spots: Robert Blake for STP Oil – “Robert ‘Baretta’ Blake for STP Oil (’77-’78).”

70s Spots: Freakies cereal – “Ralston’s breakfast cereal first hit kitchen tables around 1973.”

Funshine Friday: The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty – “Filmation’s animated series. Ran Sept. -Nov. 1975 on NBC Saturday Morning.”

70s Spots: Pink Panther Flakes cereal – “Early 70s 60:second TV spot for this mostly-forgotten morning treat.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Whipped cream wipe-out – “October 26, 1973, ‘Marcia Gets Creamed’ episode.”

Funshine Friday: Godzilla (animated series, 1978) – “First show aired on The Godzilla Power Hour. September, 1978.”

70s Spots: Kenner SSP – Smash-Up Derby Set – “Crash, bang, smash ‘em up! it’s Smash-Up time my friend!”

Funshine Friday: The Addams Family (animated series, 1973) – “Hanna-Barbera’s animated version of The Addams Family sitcom debuted in September of 1973 and 16 episodes were produced.”

Funshine Friday: Yogi’s Gang – “Hanna-Barbera’s animated series debuted in September of 1973 on ABC.”

Funshine Friday: Return to the Planet of the Apes – “DePatie-Freleng produced 13 episodes and they aired on NBC in 1975 and ’76.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Greg grabs a goat – “A nugget from the fifth season which originally aired on October 19, 1973.”

Funshine Friday: Kid Power – “Rankin/Bass Productions produced Kid Power cartoons originally ran from September 16, 1972 through September ’74.”

Dallas returns to TV, reviews favorable – “The new Dallas premiered on TNT and first reviews are generally favorable.”

Funshine Friday: The Funky Phantom – “Hanna-Barbera’s cartoon made its debut on ABC in September of 1971.”

70s Spots: Introducing Boo Berry cereal, 1972 – “The first Boo Berry commercial introducing the Peter Lorre-esque mascot voiced by Paul Frees.”

Funshine Friday: Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down – “Filmation’s cartoon made its debut on ABC in September of 1970.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Don’t play ball in the house… – “Ill-advised basketball shenanigans that lead to a heartbreaking household accident.”

Funshine Friday: My Favorite Martians – “Filmation’s My Favorite Martians, an animated show based on the 60s sitcom, first aired September-December, 1973.”

70s Spots: Head & Shoulders with Penny Marshall & Farrah Fawcett – “From the early 1970s featuring two future TV series stars.”

70s Spots: Florence Henderson for Klean ‘n Shine – “Throughout the 1970s Florence Henderson (of The Brady Bunch) sold us a variety of products.”

Funshine Friday: Speed Buggy – “Hanna-Barbera’s Speed Buggy first aired September through December, 1973 on CBS.”

Funshine Friday: Super Friends – “Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice…”

Brady Bunch Moments: The new Jan Brady! – “The episode entitled ‘Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?’ first aired on January 15, 1971 during season two of The Brady Bunch.”

70s Spots: Star-Kist Tuna, ‘Sorry, Charlie’ – “But Charlie, Star-Kist don’t want tuna with good taste. Star-Kist wants tuna that tastes good.”

Funshine Friday: Clue Club – “Hanna-Barbera’s Clue Club originally ran on CBS from August, 1976 to September, 1977.”

70s Spots: Super Sugar Crisp Cereal – “Circa 1973 Super Sugar Crisp cereal commercial.”

Funshine Friday: Dynomutt, Dog Wonder – “First appeared on ABC as half of The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour in September of 1976.”

Forgotten TV: Future Cop, 1976 – “First aired in May of 1976 for a single episode and returned in March, 1977 for a brief, six-week run.”

Taxi: Watch full episodes online – “You can watch a good number of Taxi episodes for free.”

70s Spots: Cap’n Crunch’s Cinnamon Crunch cereal – “In the early to mid 1970s Quaker Oats unleashed the delicious Cinnamon Crunch cereal on the public.”

Funshine Friday: The Brady Kids – “Filmation’s animated series from 1972-73.”

Brady Bunch Moments: ‘Oh, my nose!’ – “Join in the fun as Marcia gets smacked in the kisser with Peter’s poorly thrown football.”

70s Spots: Commercial collection from ’77 & ’78 – “Ford trucks, 3 Musketeers and Cap’n Crunch are just a few of the glorious goods on display.”

Funshine Friday: Harlem Globetrotters Cartoons – “Hanna-Barbera’s Harlem Globetrotters cartoon debuted in September, 1970 and ran for 22 episodes until September of 1972.”

70s Spots: Burger King, ‘Have it your way’ – “‘Extra ketchup’ can actually be provided without fuss? Holy toasted buns!”

Funshine Friday: Pink Panther, ‘Pink Blue Plate’ – “It’s high time I laid another 1970s Pink Panther cartoon on you.”

Bewitched: The final season – “Bewitched ran for eight seasons on ABC from October, 1964 to April of 1972.”

70s Spots: King Vitaman breakfast cereal – “Quaker Oat’s King Vitaman breakfast cereal first hit the market in 1970 and featured excellent animated commercials created by Jay Ward Productions.”

Funshine Friday: Dr. Shrinker – “The show originally ran from September, 1976 to September, 1977.”

70s Spots: Arm & Hammer, ‘Onion Power’ – “From 1977 or thereabouts; Arm & Hammer Baking Soda’s animated plea to change the poor old box in your fridge more often.”

Funshine Friday: Fabulous Funnies – “Filmation’s Fabulous Funnies originally ran for a single season from September to December, 1978.”

70s Spots: Jack Jones for the ’77 Chrysler New Yorker – “Singer Jack Jones (crooner of The Love Boat theme) for the 1977 Chrysler New Yorker.”

70s Spots: Tyco Nite-Glow Double-Loop Racing – “Tyco’s Nite-Glow Double Loop Racing set from 1977.”

Funshine Friday: Bigfoot and Wildboy – “Sid and Marty Krofft’s Bigfoot and Wildboy began as 15-minute episodes on The Krofft Supershow in 1977.”

70s Spots: Saturday night commercial break (’78) – “Spots include American Express, Shake ‘n Bake and promos for Little House on the Prairie and Columbo.”

Funshine Friday: Lassie’s Rescue Rangers – “15 episodes were produced and ran from Sept. through Dec. 1973.”

Funshine Friday: Josie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space – “Josie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space originally ran on CBS from 1972-73.”

TV Time: The Bionic Woman doll and ‘Dome House’ – “You know it’s going to be a sweet and tingly bionic evening because Jaime has slipped into her finest party dress.”

70s Spots: Hostess and kids, they go together – “Recognize the kid with the headphones and cymbals? That’s Erin “Ahmad” Blunt of Bad News Bears fame.”

Funshine Friday: The New Scooby-Doo Movies with Don Knotts – “Don Knotts buddies up with Shaggy – the only other person on the planet as nervous and as easily frightened.”

TV Time: Apple’s Way – “Apple’s Way was first telecast on February 10th, 1974 and ran for a season until January ’75.”

Good Times: Watch full episodes this week – “Good Times was developed by Norman Lear and originally ran on CBS from Feb. 1974 through Aug. 1979.”

TV Time: Police Woman – “Police Woman starred Angie Dickinson as Sgt. ‘Pepper’ Anderson and originally ran for four seasons on NBC from Sept. 1974 to Mar. 1978.”

Funshine Friday: Goober and the Ghost Chasers – “Goober and the Ghost Chasers made its debut in Sept. 1973 and ran Saturday mornings on ABC through Aug. 1975.”

70s Spots: Pete Rose, Pele, Don Knotts for Atari – “Here’s a fun, 30-second spot for Atari featuring Pete Rose, Pele and the always amazing Don Knotts.”

70s Spots: Japanese Star Wars Tuna Ad (’78) – “This is one of those TV spots that’s so awful it turns into something wonderful.”

Funshine Friday: The Great Grape Ape Show – “By 1977-78 The Great Grape Ape had his own show airing Sunday mornings.”

70s Spots: Commercial break, ’76; Budweiser, Tic Tac, and more – “A set of TV spots run during ABC’s Saturday Night Movie in 1976.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Time to Change – “Brady Bunch episode 65 “Dough Re Mi” from Season 3 (1971-1972) featured the kids singing a tune by Greg.”

Funshine Friday: The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan – “a short, original run of 16 episodes…aired from September to December, 1972. ”

Photo Gallery: The Brady Bunch Variety Hour – “Sid and Marty Krofft produced nine, hour-long Brady Bunch specials for ABC.”

Funshine Friday: Help!…It’s the Hair Bear Bunch! – “a Hanna-Barbera production, which originally ran on CBS from September, 1971 to January, 1972.”

70s Spots: Buc-Wheats Cereal – “Are you ready for a cereal with “the only maple-flavored cereal flakes?””

Funshine Friday: Shazam! – “Shazam! ran on CBS for a total of 28 episodes from ’74 to ’77.”

Funshine Friday: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters – “Sid & Marty Krofft’s Sigmund and the Sea Monsters ran for two seasons from September, 1973 to October, 1975.”

CBS Fall ’77 Promo: ‘On Our Own,’ ‘CBS Galaxy’ – “CBS promo from Fall of 1977 for the new show On Our Own and a one-off look at the upcoming season entitled CBS Galaxy.”

Funshine Friday: The Lost Saucer – “The Lost Saucer made its debut in September, 1975 and starred Ruth Buzzi and Jim Nabors as the lovable androids Fi and Fum.”

Funshine Friday: Hong Kong Phooey – “Hong Kong Phooey was a Hanna-Barbera production and featured the dulcet tones of actor Scatman Crothers as the illustrious Mr. Phooey.”

70s Christmas Spots: A Charlie Brown Christmas, CBS, 1977 – “Head off to bed with this brief CBS promo from 1977 for A Charlie Brown Christmas and ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas dancing in your head.”

Funshine Friday: Flintstone Comedy Hour – “The Flintstone Comedy Hour was produced by the ever-prolific 70s cartoon factory, Hanna-Barbera, and originally ran on CBS from September 9, 1972 to September 1, 1973.”

70s Spots: M&M Candy Gang – “Enjoy this :30 second spot for M&Ms featuring the short-lived M&M Candy Gang from 1978.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Peter Brady is ‘Phil Packer’ – “This snippet comes from the season five Brady Bunch episode “Peter and the Wolf” which originally aired in October of 1973.”

ABC 1976 Promos: Bionic Woman, Charlie’s Angels, Baretta and More – “These spots are from September 1976 and the Charlie’s Angels episode promoted is the premiere episode (which arrived six months after the pilot).”

Funshine Friday: Kaptain Kool and the Kongs Rock the Brady Bunch Hour – “Rock out to Kaptain Kool and the Kongs performing the tune “Names” on The Brady Bunch Hour in January, 1977.”

70s Spots: Pepsi Light – “Enjoy a clean, crisp, lemony taste of Pepsi Light with actress Lisa Eilbacher of Beverly Hills Cop fame and actor Kevin Hooks from The White Shadow.”

Funshine Friday: Lidsville – “Sid and Marty Krofft’s Lidsville ran from September 1971 – September ’73 and starred Butch Patrick (of The Munsters) as Mark.”

Funshine Friday: Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels – “The animated show ran, at first, on ABC from September 10th, 1977 to June 21st, 1980 as segments on Scooby’s All-Star Laff-A-Lympics and Scooby’s All-Stars and finally as its own series.”

TV Time: Captain & Tennille ABC Promo – “From September, 1976 through March of 1977 the Captain (Daryl Dragon) & Tony Tennille hosted their own television variety show on ABC.”

TV Time: The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries – “The show ran from January’77 to January ’79 and starred Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson as the Hardy Boys and Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew.”

Funshine Friday: Wonderbug – “Wonderbug ran for 22 episodes as 15 minute segments during the first two seasons (’76-’78) of The Krofft Supershow.”

70s Spots: Disneyland’s Space Mountain (’77) – “Disneyland’s Space Mountain ride opened in 1977 and blew our little childhood minds.”

70s Spots: Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain (’79) – “The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride made its Disneyland debut in September of 1979.”

Funshine Friday: Pink Panther in ‘Psst Pink’ – “The cartoon on tap today is Psst Pink from 1971 (that’d be MCMLXXI).”

70s Spots: Have a Pepsi Day! – “‘Have a Pepsi Day!’ was the slogan for Pepsi Cola from 1975-1978.”

TV Time: ABC Promo – The Six Million Dollar Man (’78) – “Here’s a :20 second, 1978-era, ABC promo for The Six Million Dollar Man which manages to display some fine sexual innuendo (rocket launch, ahoy!)”

Funshine Friday: The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show – “The Razzle Dazzle Show followed on Saturday mornings and ran from September ’74 to August 1975.”

TV Time: Kenner’s Star Wars Lightsaber (’78) – “Look at those sabers wobble! Deadly stuff, kids. Be careful!”

Funshine Friday: Electra Woman and Dyna Girl – “Electra Woman was played by Days of Our Lives‘ Deidre Hall and Dyna Girl was portrayed by Room 222‘s Judy Strangis.”

TV Time: NBC Commercials Jan, ’77 (Carter’s Inauguration) – “In the collection you’ll find quite a few Dodge car spots, Joy dishwashing liquid, Duncan Hines cake mix, Camay beauty cleanser and more.”

Funshine Friday: Time for Timer ‘You Are What You Eat’ – “Time for Timer shorts first aired in 1973 and ran throughout the 1970s on ABC Saturday mornings.”

Brady Bunch Moments: ‘Keep on Movin’ – “This toe-tapping moment captures the Brady kids singing ‘Keep on Movin’’ on the Pete Sterne Amateur Hour”

Funshine Friday: Groovie Goolies ’1,2,3′ – “Groovie Goolies from Filmaton, was a spinoff of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and only ran for a paltry 22 episodes from September, 1970 to September, 1971.”

Star Trek Anniversaries: The Animated Series – “Not only is today the 45th anniversary of the debut of Star Trek on TV screens, it is also the 38th anniversary of the lesser-known Star Trek The Animated Series.”

TV Time: Pontiac Firebird Esprit Commercial (’73) – “This lovely ride comes in 70s mellow yellow with a white interior and is driven by a foxy, independent redhead.”

Funshine Friday: CBS Saturday Morning 1975 – “Today we have a quick TV spot for the CBS Saturday morning line-up with Valley of the Dinosaurs, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and the CBS Children’s Film Festival.”

TV Time: Commercial Break 1978 – “In the bunch are: Peter Paul Candies (York Peppermint Patty), Dolly Madison Pies, U.S. Stamp Collecting and Kellog’s Sugar Frosted Flakes (Tony the Tiger)”

Funshine Friday: Wacky Races Intro – “Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races cartoon originally ran from September, 1968 to September, 1970.”

TV Time: Star Wars ‘Early Bird’ Action Figures – “When Star Wars was released in May of 1977 it was such an unexpected smash that toys simply weren’t ready to hit stores in time to meet demand.”

TV Time: Rhoda Intro (’74) – “In honor of actress Valerie Harper’s 72nd birthday (on August 22nd,) let’s have a look at the into to her hit show Rhoda, which ran from 1974 to 1978.”

TV Time: NBC’s Super Season Promo (’75) – “Turns out Tony Curtis’s McCoy and Glenn Ford and Julie Harris in The Family Holvak weren’t very “Super” in the ratings department.”

Brady Bunch Moments: Porkchops and Applesauce – “Directed by Oscar Rudolph and written by Ben Starr, the episode features Peter (Chris Knight) attempting to imitate Humphrey Bogart and uttering the immortal phrase ‘porkchops and applesauce.’ ”

TV Time: Star Wars ‘Land of the Jawas’ Commercial (’79) – “Watch as Artoo fights for his little life against the sinister, English-speaking Jawa. You won’t believe your eyes and ears (action figures sold separately!)”

Here’s Lucy: Donny Osmond Sings for Brady and Ball – “Here’s Lucy: teen heartthrob Donny Osmond singing ‘Too Young’ to Lucy and Eve Plumb (aka Jan Brady) in the November 20, 1972 episode.”

Muppet Show: Elton Sings ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ – “Enjoy Elton singing with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem on episode 214 of The Muppet Show from late 1977.”

TV Time: Donny & Marie ABC Promo (’78) – “Time to trot out an ABC promo from Thursday, January 5th, 1978 for the Donny & Marie show. As you’ll see, the special guests for the evening include Andy Griffith and Charo.”

TV Time: Star Wars Millennium Falcon Commercial (’79) – “Let’s take a look at this :30 spot featuring one of the most prized and collectible Star Wars toys – the Millennium Falcon!”

TV Time: Levi’s ‘Old Trademark’ (’77) – “Levi’s Jeans had a surprisingly good (and psychedelic) series of TV commercials in the 1970s.”

Happy Days’ Marion Ross on Aging and Suing CBS – “Ross has spoken with USA Today about aging (she’s now 82 and still working away) and she and some of the other Happy Days cast members are suing CBS for unpaid monies related to the use of their likenesses.”

TV Time: S.W.A.T. Opening Credits (1975) – “When that “Wheep! wheep wheep!” blared on the screen you knew it was time for action!”

TV Time: Star Wars Kenner Collection ’78 – “You’ll find many treats in this one, such as the TIE-Fighter with detachable (exploding) wings and a radio-controlled R2-D2. Nifty!”

Sherwood Schwartz, ‘Brady Bunch’ Creator, Dies – “Sad news today for fans of classic 60s and 70s TV sitcoms. Sherwood Schwartz, creator of “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch” has died at age 94.”

TV Time: Joe Namath for Brut – “Here’s 30 seconds of pure manly bliss. 70s superstar, NY Jets Quarterback Joe Namath for Brut cologne.”

Welcome Back, Kotter: Bar-Bar-Barbarino – “John Travolta played “Sweathog” Vinnie Barbarino in 78 episodes of Welcome Back, Kotter on ABC TV between 1975 and 1979. After Travolta’s movie career exploded into the stratosphere with Carrie, Saturday Night Fever, and Grease, he began appearing on Kotter less and less.”

TV Time: Sesame Street & Grover the Waiter – “Back in the 70s I especially enjoyed watching Grover torment the blue guy with the mustache (also known as “Mr. Johnson”.) Let’s take two minutes out of our stressful day to enjoy Grover in a Charlie’s Restaurant segment from Sesame Street Episode 0705 which first aired in December 1974. ”

TV Time: Star Wars Droid Factory – “The Star Wars Droid Factory let kids build a three-legged R2 unit and even create their own droids from scratch.”

TV Time: ABC Sunday Night Movie – The Longest Yard – “Recorded off the TV in 1979, this ABC Sunday Night Movie promo urges you to watch this evening’s flick – Burt Reynold’s 1974 prison football comedy – The Longest Yard.”

TV Time: Star Wars Extra Large Action! – ” ‘Kenner’s Star Wars Large Size Action Figures.’ If you got one of these steroid-injected action figures under the ol’ Xmas tree in ’79 you were a lucky lil’ bastard indeed.”

TV Time: Alpha Bits and Jackson Hits – “Today, we turn our gaze to 1973 and sing along with Micheal Jackson and the Jackson 5 as they extoll the virtues of a breakfast piled high with Post Alpha-Bits cereal.”

TV Time: Snap, Crackle, Partridge Family – “In the early 70s TV’s sensational singing siblings, The Partridge Family starred in a few Kellog’s Rice Krispies commercials.”

Forgotten TV: Holmes & YoYo – “Holmes & YoYo only ran for 13 measly episodes during the 1976-77 season, but it has really stuck in my mind. Something about a 427 pound robot cop with a heart of gold captured my fidgety nine-year-old imagination and never completely let go.”

TV Time: Big Wheel vs Green Machine – “Most everyone had a Big Wheel. The really cool kids had a Green Machine. The Green Machine was extra-fast and had multiple levers – so you knew it was for badasses only. Yeah. I had a Big Wheel.”

TV Time: Be a Pepper! – “Hey kids! It’s time for Bionic Disco’s ‘Ad of the Day’. Today, we’ve bottled up a good one – Dr. Pepper’s famed ‘Be a Pepper’ song & dance spot featuring actor David Naughton (who later went on to star in 1979′s Makin’ It TV series and American Werewolf in London).”

70s Soaps Canceled – ‘All My Children’, ‘One Life to Live’ – “Both of the canceled shows ran throughout the 1970s (not to mention the 80s, 90s, and 00s) and certainly seemed like they’d continue running on the ol’ goggle box for all eternity.”

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    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Do you remember the very first TV commercial for SURE roll-on when it was “new”? That 30-second commercial featured a man talking about SURE roll-on; and the commercial featured these words:

    “You won’t always need all that protection; but when you do, there is a roll-on you can be sure of.
    New SURE roll-on.”

    If and when you find that classic commercial, please try to get it on the official YouTube web site.

    I thank you in advance and hope to receive your reply.

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    W. A. P.

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